April 11, 2021

Signed Copies of Ron Breault’s ‘Voyaging with Marionette’ Now on Sale at ‘The Bowerbird’

The display stand at ‘The Bowerbird’ featuring signed copies of Old Lyme resident Ron Breault’s book, ‘Voyaging with Marionette.’

OLD LYME — Signed copies of Ron Breault’s book, Voyaging with Marionette, are now on sale at The Bowerbird in Old Lyme. Breault is a resident of Old Lyme and his book is being marketed as prt of the store’s “Local Author” series.

Visit this link to read a wonderful review of the book written when it was published by our regular book reviewer here at LymeLine.com, Felix Kloman.

Voyaging with Marionette records the 25 years of life experiences Breault shared with his boat.

Those of you who have rescued/restored or built your own boat, fully understand the special relationship that develops — how the two of you meet when the expected/hoped for experience and goals are the main menu.

The dessert is those experiences not expected — a mostly unspoken conversation, motions and sounds as you sail along — the understanding between you of what you can do and have done together. It is also the places visited and interesting people you meet, which, in turn, bring a new dimension to your life.

This book is a collection of those stories demonstrating what can be done as one gets older, which opens doors, motivating and sustaining new and stimulating opportunities. It is also a reminder that life is a continuing, expanding experience … if one just makes the effort.


  1. Pam Carlson says

    It’s a wonderful story of a mans love for his boat and where that boat took him. As a sailor and lover of boats this book plays very close to my heart.

  2. Bill of Essex &Old Lyme says

    I bought Voyaging and had no idea the various sailing, exploration, restoration and varnishing journeys it would take me
    Having a had sail boat in my past as well, it was a fun and pictorial adventure af a classic ‘rescue’ boat

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