October 5, 2022

Old Lyme Town Attorneys Issue Findings on Tantummaheag Dispute, Owners Describe Report as “Filled with Factual, Legal and Historic Errors

OLD LYME — The ongoing and protracted dispute about the Town of Old Lyme’s rights and legal interest in Tantummaheag Landing took a new turn Tuesday with the release by Old Lyme Town Attorneys Suisman Shapiro of the report they had solicited from Atty. Elton B. Harvey III of the Isaac Law Offices LLC regarding the matter.

This report, which was discussed Monday afternoon in Executive Session by the Old Lyme Board of Selectmen, concludes “… the road known as Tantummaheag Road running from Neck Road to the area commonly known as the “Town Landing” is a public road within the Town of Old Lyme.” Atty. Harvey III then proceeds to explain at considerable length why he has drawn that conclusion.

George Frampton and Carla Darista, the owners of 19 Tantummaheag Rd., responded to the report with a statement dated Sept. 13, 2022 delivered to the Old Lyme Board of Selectmen, in which they describe the conclusions of Atty. Harvey III’s report as both presenting, “… an entirely new and spurious theory,” and, “… filled with factual, legal and historic errors.”

Asked to respond to the conflicting information, Old Lyme First Selectman Timothy Griswold told LymeLine.com by email, “Obviously, the issues about Tantummaheag Road are complex and we have relied on the advice of our Town Counsel to guide us. As this matter is unresolved, I shall refer questions and comments to our Counsel, rather than respond directly.”

In response to a similar question posed by LymeLine.com, but asked prior to LymeLine.com receiving Griswold’s statement above, Town Attorneys Suisman Shapiro said they did not “… have any comment at this time on either Attorney Harvey’s report or Attorney Frampton’s response.”

Editor’s Note: i) Visit this link to read a Letter to the Editor published Feb. 10, 2022 from Rebecca Griffin and titled, ‘Update on Tantummaheag Town Landing Situation Overdue, Required So All Residents Can Understand Outcome.’

ii) George T. Frampton is a Distinguished Senior Fellow of The Atlantic Council of the United States and Director of the Transatlantic Climate Policy Program.


  1. Thomas D. Gotowka says

    I am curious whether Mr. Frampton is also the same George Frampton who was an Assistant Special Prosecutor on the Watergate Special Prosecution Force. The Force was created in May, 1973 and prosecuted an array of Nixon Administration officials and other associates on cover‐up charges, conspiracy, and illegal campaign contributions.
    As you will recall, Nixon fired Archibald Cox, the first special prosecutor, in an incident that will always be remembered as the “Saturday Night Massacre”, and produced a public relations disaster for Nixon and set in motion the impeachment proceedings that ended with Nixon’s resignation On Friday, Aug. 9, 1974, and his departure in a helicopter from the White House lawn.
    What are the odds that two individuals involved in the Watergate saga could end up living in Old Lyme? Of course, the second is our Old Lyme neighbor, the honorable Lowell Weicker, who, as Senator, was one of seven members of the Senate Select Committee to investigate Watergate.