August 7, 2022

Inaugural Winners Receive Cup, Champagne After Participating in July 4th Patriotic Boat Parade on Rogers Lake

Tereza and John Mainetti proudly display the cup they were by Dave and Christina Evers for the “Most Enthusiastic, Patriotic, and Best Decorated Boat” in the 2022 Rogers Lake Boat Parade. All photos submitted.

LYME/OLD LYME — The third annual Rogers Lake Boat Parade was another great success this year and, for the first time, a cup was awarded for the “Most Enthusiastic, Patriotic, and Best Decorated Boat” in the parade.

Maureen Plumleigh was at the wheel of her appropriately-decorated boat in the parade.

Dave and Christina Evers conceived the idea of the trophy to promote a unifying and positive spirit around the parade. Christina explained to LymeLine, “Dave grew up on this lake and wants people to enjoy and create memories just like he has … he thought the trophy would be fun.”

Lady Liberty graced this boat with her torch while Uncle Sam rode atop.

The inaugural winners of the handsome trophy were Tereza and John Mainetti, who keep it for 12 months and then return it to be presented to next year’s winner. The judges of the contest were Ray and Bobbi Ward.

The cup holding a bottle of champagne patiently awaits its first winner.

Congratulations to the winners, and also all those involved in organizing the parade and contest.