December 5, 2021

Old Lyme Cub Scouts Put ‘Amazing Effort’ Into Supporting Local Thanksgiving Food Drive

All the Old Lyme Cub Scouts involved in the Food Drive gathered for a photo to celebrate their successful efforts. All photos by Jon Goss.

OLD LYME — The Old Lyme Cub Scouts recently participated in the Thanksgiving Food Drive and Holiday Giving Program.  The Food Drive is a collaboration between Lymes’ Youth Service Bureau and the Old Lyme Police Union.

Sorting all the food donations was a big job.

The Cub Scouts left bags for collection on their neighbor’s doors and then returned a week later to collect nonperishable donated food items.

A careful count of all the pounds of donated food was kept.

The Cub Scouts collected over 1840 lbs. of food from the community and then spent an evening sorting all of the food items.

Asked by email how he felt about the efforts of the Cub Scouts, Pack Cubmaster Jonathan Goss replied, “I feel very proud of the Cub Scouts work. Each Scout was able to collect on average 100lbs of food which is about 12 grocery bags. They put in an amazing effort.”

Editor’s Note: We would like to add our sincere appreciation to all those involved in this year’s Food Drive. It was a Herculean effort by a large army of volunteers of all ages from a variety of groups. Kudos to you all!


  1. Tom Ortoleva says

    WOW! One hundred pounds of food per Scout is probably twice the body weight of each scout. Great Job!

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