December 6, 2021

Lyme-Old Lyme Techno-Ticks Complete Successful ‘Lymelyte’ Cube Satellite Test Launch

The weather balloon is carefully filled with helium.

OLD LYME — On Saturday, May 15, the Lyme-Old Lyme High School’s FIRST Robotics Team 236-TechnoTicks  gathered at the practice field behind high school for a second test launch of their “Lymelyte” Cube Satellite (CubeSat) prototype.

The weather conditions were perfect, with minimal wind.

The balloon reached the team’s target test height of 500 ft.

The CubeSat and harness were attached to a carefully-inflated weather balloon and launched via tether (much like a kite).

TechnoTicks team members were able to monitor the data transmitted from the CubeSat.

The balloon quickly rose to the target altitude of 500 ft., sending data back to a laptop on the ground via the attached CubeSat.

The TechnoTicks were able to monitor temperature, air quality, air pressure and other data.

The balloon and CubeSat prototype were reeled in and safely landed./or

The CubeSat will ultimately work in tandem with the team’s “Trailyte” app to provide information about conditions at various hiking trails in the Lymes.

Editor’s Note: FIRST Robotics Team 236-Techno Ticks offers students from Lyme-Old Lyme High School and East Lyme High School a creative way to learn about robotics, design and computer programming. Visit the TechnoTicks  website and/or follow the team on InstagramFacebook and Twitter to keep up to date with all the team’s latest news.

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