March 25, 2019

Towns Take Lead Pushing Plastic-Bag Ban

Fueled by environmentalists and frustrated by state inaction, a growing number of Connecticut communities are taking or considering action on their own to ban single-use plastic bags at grocery stores to help protect the environment.

Currently only Westport and Greenwich have banned single-use plastic bags but …

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Plastic bags in use at Stop & Shop. Photo by Jack Kramer courtesy of

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  1. http://Dave says

    Let’s get going on ridding the state of plastic bags. I am tired of pulling bags out of ponds and streams and from trees & bushes on my daily walks. Such a shameful scourge !!

  2. http://Russell%20Fogg says

    These cheap bags are horrible. It’s most certainly a time for a change. While were are at it…up the returnable bottle deposit amount and put it on all alchoholic beverages. Every time we go for a walk I see “nipper bottles” by the roadside. Disgusting!

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