December 14, 2018

Send Us Your Questions for the Candidates, Deadline is Today!

We will be be sending questionnaires this week to the local candidates running for state office in the election due to be held Tuesday, Nov. 6.  We plan to publish their responses on Monday, Oct. 29.  We invite readers to submit possible questions for the candidates to by Tuesday, Oct. 2.

The candidates to whom we will be emailing questionnaires are:

This District includes Lyme, but not Old Lyme.  There is no incumbent since the current state senator for the district, Art Linares, is not running again.

Norm Needleman-Democrat
Needleman is currently first selectman of Essex.

Melissa Ziobron – Republican
Ziobron is currently state representative for the 34th State Assembly District (Colchester, East Haddam, and East Hampton)

This District includes Old Lyme, but not Lyme.

Paul Formica – Republican (incumbent seeking his third term)

Martha Marx – Democrat

This District includes Lyme and Old Lyme.

Devin Carney – Republican (incumbent seeking his third term)

Matt Pugliese – Democrat

We look forward to publishing reader’s Letters to the Editor.  We have a strict 350-word limit for these letters and will enforce a two-week break between letters submitted by the same author. The final day that we will publish letters will be Sunday, Nov. 4: we will only publish new letters on Nov. 5 if they are in response to a letter published on Nov. 4.



  1. Sarah Ficca says:

    Water is an irreplaceable resource. States like North Carolina relaxed water regulations because they wanted to attract businesses. Now they have a major problem with pig farm waste in their water and becoming airborne. How do the candidates stand on my request to nev back water protections even in the face of businesses who want to move to CT.

  2. Harvey Gemme says:

    Currently, the State Senators and the State Representatives in CT have the same Anthem BC/BS health insurance and same pension plan (even though they are only part time employees!) as front line union workers. As a way to increase their final pension payout they include mileage reimbursement.
    Are the candidates willing to curtail their own healthcare and pension benefits to deal with the budget deficit?

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