August 2, 2021

Mystery of the Beast on the Beach

Ryan Lee - Montauk Monster 3
Ryan Lee was walking along Miami Beach in Old Lyme Monday morning and stumbled on the strange creature pictured above.  He sent photos of the “beast” to the WFSB TV channel, which in turn posted them to Facebook, where a lively discussion took place as to the identity of the deceased animal. Guesses ranged from a fisher cat to a badger to a skunk — even a bear was mentioned.

The'monster's' teeth are a fearsome sight.

The’monster’s’ teeth are a fearsome sight.

WFSB News Bureau Chief and Lyme resident Kevin Hogan then picked up the story and recorded a segment Wednesday from Sound View Beach, which was broadcast that evening. His investigation concluded that the carcass was a mammal and not a sea creature, and most likely a skunk.

Nothing can be proven now, however, since Old Lyme Public Works has already removed and disposed of the body.

For Lee’s own account of his experience, more photos of the animal and a link to Hogan’s WFSB segment, visit Lee’s own blog at Everyday Greener

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