September 30, 2022

Letter to the Editor: Many Reasons Why Colwell is ‘Not a Sound Candidate for Board of Education’

To the Editor:

I recently questioned the judgment of the Old Lyme Republican Town Committee in its endorsement of candidates to the Board of Education.  I illustrated my concern by highlighting the superior experience of the endorsed Democrats, and juxtaposing that against the anti-vax views expressed by candidate Mona Colwell in her Facebook posts, suggesting such policies are bad for the town.  On October 19, Colwell issued a response in which she accused me of attacking her personally.  I did not.  I have nothing against her as a person.  My concerns regarding Ms. Colwell’s candidacy derive wholly from the positions expressed in her public statements, not from her character.  I think it unwise for someone holding her views to make decisions affecting our children. 

A veritable library of anti-vax rhetoric populates Ms. Colwell’s Facebook page.  Her musings include befuddling assertions that those who support vaccine mandates are akin to “child pedos grooming kids for sex and trafficking,” that the pandemic was created in a “bat lab funded by our own government,” and a video which she notes is “worth the watch and listen maybe a few times over.”  That video’s content? A rambling interview with an “expert” claiming the entire pandemic was staged – by Bill Gates among others – as part of the “Great Reset bringing in the New World Order” which, via “nanotechnology” in vaccines, aims at creating a “perpetual state of slavery that they’re trying to impose on humanity.”  I quote these posts and their content verbatim.  Even my suggestion that Colwell offers “conspiracy theories” derives from her own words.  On her wall, she posts “U.S. facing ‘massive shortage’ of conspiracy theories as all of them have come true” and “Even if you’re not conspiracy minded, something in your soul must be telling you something isn’t right with any of this!”

Colwell is clearly entitled to hold these views and to state them publicly.  She is not, however, entitled to complain when people read them and suggest that they be taken into account.  Indeed, the very fact that Ms. Colwell seems to view criticism of her policy positions as a personal attack is further reason to question the legitimacy of her candidacy.  If every public servant viewed policy disagreements as “personal attacks” debating important issues would be nearly impossible. 

In deciding whether to vote for a candidate, little is more important than understanding their positions, values, and clarity of thought.  It is therefore hard to understand why one would question the relevance or appropriateness of calling the public’s attention to Ms. Colwell’s own statements, which to many reflect counter-factual ideas and irrational thinking. Colwell may be a nice person, but she is not a sound candidate for the Board of Education.


David Rubino,
Old Lyme.

Editor’s Note: The author supplied the link for the video that he mentions. We do not wish to publicize the link to our readers since we find the content disturbing, but will, however, supply it if a request is made by email to`.


  1. Kimberly Thompson says

    Thank you Dave! 100% right, this is not about personal attacks, this is about voters knowing who they are voting for so they can select the candidates whose views most align with their own world views. Public comments made by candidates for office are absolutely something that voters should be made aware of, the information is there for voters to do with as they see fit.

  2. C. Marcella Kurowski says

    Schools are to teach ACADEMICS only. If parents want a school to be teaching ethics, then they would send them to parochial schools. Mandates of any kind, lead one to question if we still live in a constitutional republic or a corporatocracy. I support candidates who stand for individual liberties(it is what our country was founded on), religious freedom, and parental rights.

    • Susan Marie says

      Sounds like Mona is doing exactly what needs to be done to restore parental freedoms and is looking out for what is best for the wellfair of students. Mona is an extremely powerful voice for all of us. That is why the left has to try to cancel her. Great Job Mona! Keep up the good work!!

  3. Margaret O'Shea says

    I am
    Shocked that the Republican Town Committee would endorse Mona Colwell

  4. Many are concerned about the possibility that Covid vaccines, a novel intervention, might be required universally — especially for young children. This week, FDA panelist Eric Rubin said, regarding the FDA approval of vaccines for children ages 5-11, “We’re never going to learn about how safe the vaccine is until we start giving it. That’s the way it goes.”
    Those who support parental rights and medical choice for children (rather than mandates) should have representation on the Board of Ed.

  5. Paulette Kersey says

    Elections bring out the usual political activists sending in their word salad letters to the local media.Rubino states”the superior experience of the endorsed Democrats” ,this is his opinion. The Oct.20th event I listened to four democrat candidates,one endorsed by the American Federation of Teachers(AFT). All were well versed in the language and policies of bureaucrats. Rubino seeks to have us believe Mona Colwell’s opinions are conspiracy theories,I say there are no coincidences! Most voters are questioning large government agencies which are rife with corruption. Mona Colwell has courage to stand up for her beliefs and is open minded.I support parental rights,medical choice and candidates that will also support this. We do not need four teachers dominated by unions and current democrat policies. Look to the national policy that the Loudoun County,Va. BOE put in place as an example,resulting in two assaults that school system. We have all been personally affected by the majority party at the gas pump,grocery store and taxes.As an Independent voter, this time I will be voting straight Republican.

  6. Mike Bucior says

    Mr. Rubino writes that to many, Mrs. Colwells statements reflect “ counter-factual ideas and irrational thinking “ which means to many, there is some truth to what Mrs. Colwell opines. Unfortunately, self described progressive liberals such as Mr. Rubino don’t do well accepting the opinions of others.

    Some parents feel we need someone on the board who isn’t afraid to speak their mind when it comes to our kids, and I think Mrs, Colwell has showed us she is not afraid to do that.

  7. Daniel Montano says

    1) If I was a liberal Democrat, my first response would be that Dave Rubino is a misogynist, as that is what they call Republicans all the time. Ironic how strong opinionated women are attacked by Democrats when the woman disagrees with them.
    2) I think everyone is distorting the fact that you can be anti mandate, but not anti vaccine. There is a huge difference.
    3) Mona is a breath of fresh air as she has the strength to say what she thinks, vs. just spouting the party line. Republicans have a basic conservative philosophy, but accept diversity of thought.
    4) Mona must be a pretty strong candidate to attract this kind of attention and attempted character assassination. I have found over the years, Democrats only attack Republican candidates they fear can beat them or expose their true policy failures and hypocrisy.

  8. Bennett Bernblum says

    Please reread Mr. Rubino’s letter. He is not disputing that the decision to be vaccinated, or to let your kids be vaccinated, is a matter of personal choice. Of course it is. However, one does not have the personal freedom of choice to insist on your right to be in close proximity to others although you may infect them with a potentially deadly disease.

    Instead, Mr. Rubino’s concern, and mine, is with Ms. Colwell reasons for opposing vaccine mandates. As he said in his letter, she compares the supporters to “child pedos grooming kids for sex and trafficking,” and asserts “that the pandemic was created in a ‘bat lab funded by our own government’.” It is Colwell’s ability to hold these ideas that calls into question her critical thinking and judgment.

  9. Jim Alonso says

    I was going to leave a longer comment here but the comments in support of Mona Colwell are the best possible example of why supporting her views on the school board is a really bad idea.

    Ideally, vote for a Democratic candidate, but if you can’t do that don’t vote for a conspiracy theorist.