June 17, 2021

Statement From Old Lyme DTC Shows Support for Master Plan in Old Lyme

Editor’s Note: We received the following statement from the Old Lyme Democratic Town Committee, which we are publishing in full for the benefit of our readers. 

OLD LYME — The Old Lyme Democratic Town Committee applauds the work of the Halls Road Improvements Committee and the Economic Development Commission in their efforts to develop a viable plan for our town center, Halls Road.

Once adopted, a master plan will encourage development that enhances our community and maintains the character of our small town, and it will deter unwanted businesses that do not, such as additional gas stations and convenience stores.

We urge all members of the community to embrace the work of both organizations, offer their input, and support the development of a master plan for Halls Road. We believe this will protect our quality of life, strengthen any application for available funding by demonstrating fiscal responsibility, and be in the best interests of the future of Old Lyme.

We urge the Republican Town Committee to join us in this position.

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