May 19, 2022

The Movie Man: Sandler Has Done It Again in ‘Hubie Halloween’

Adam Sandler being interviewed in 2018. This screenshot was originally uploaded on YouTube ( under a CC license.

Adam Sandler has done it again.

No, he didn’t bring in a stunning performance to follow up Uncut Gems, but rather he has brought us another stupid movie that we can love: Hubie Halloween.

Ever since his movie career began in the 90s, Sandler has brought us countless flicks that have ridiculous premises, but lovable characters, who deliver humor that can be described as none other than guilty pleasure. From Billy Madison, Happy Gilmore, The Waterboy, and Big Daddy, countless laughs have been produced from first watching these films to quoting them in front of our friends.

And like all of Sandler’s films since the 90s, they include tributes to the iconic characters and jokes from those name-making movies.

Hubie Halloween proves no different, as we see references to the O’Doyle family, Orderly Hal played by Ben Stiller, and cameos from star after star after star that he has collaborated with in the past.

Hubie Halloween follows its title character, Hubie Dubois, a zealous idiot with a heart of gold, despite being the constant object of ridicule from people he’s known his whole life in his hometown of Salem, Mass.

Although he is an idiot, Hubie happens to possess stuntman-like skills and a trusty thermos that can assist him in any situation, and it might as well have been made by Q in the 007 franchise. When trouble breaks out on Halloween night, Hubie must win the trust of his neighbors in order to solve the mysterious disappearances of townsfolk.

Hubie appears to be along the likes of one of Sandler’s earlier characters, Bobby Boucher from The Waterboy; however, this character does not match the potential when it comes to humor and lovability. It starts off slow, but there are plenty of laugh-out-loud moments as it progresses.

It does dabble in the sentimental though as it also presents cliched, but true, life lessons. 

Sandler should not be dismissed as a one-trick pony for this ridiculous movie. We must remember he has delivered repeatedly with Punch Drunk Love, Reign Over Me, and most recently Uncut Gems (one viewer was so impressed that he personally called Sandler to share his satisfaction, and that was none other than Daniel Day-Lewis).

But why does he continue to produce his name-brand humor when he could be collecting award after award and potentially collaborate with greats like Scorsese? I can only speculate one reason: he likes to do it.

From a critic’s perspective, this movie fails at artistic achievements (though not as badly as Jack and Jill). It’s just another Adam Sandler movie, but that’s good enough for me.

This will not be added to any special lists by the American Film Institute, nor will it be included in the Criterion Collection.

No, it will just remain on Netflix to be selected whiled scrolling through the selections whenever you and your friends are simply seeking a good time.

Kevin Ganey is ‘The Movie Man.’

About the Author: Though no longer a resident of Lyme, Kevin knows he can never sever his roots to the tree of his identity. When not attending to his job in Boston, he is committed to ensuring a better grasp of current (and past) releases of cinema to his home community as he strives to leave his own mark in the same field that has always been his guide to understanding life. If you enjoy his published reviews here on, follow him on his new website at ‘The City of Cinema and read more of his unique insights into entertainment.

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