August 2, 2021

Old Lyme Town Clerk’s Office Clarifies Absentee Ballot Procedures for November Election

The statement explains, “For the Aug. 11, 2020 Primaries, the Secretary of the State’s (SOTS) office contracted with a Mail House to send out the absentee ballots rather than have the Town Clerk’s office handle it in-house as it is usually done.”  This decision had been taken, “… based on an effort to take some of the workload off the Town Clerks due to the sheer volume expected with voters being given the option to vote via absentee.”

Noting, “There were issues with the Mail House in performing this function,” the SOTS has determined use of the Mail House will be discontinued.

The statement continues, “On Aug. 18, 2020, the Town Clerks of Connecticut were notified by the SOTS that rather than use a Mail House again for the Nov. 3, 2020 election, they would be returning the task of sending out absentee ballots to the Town Clerks.”

Adding, “We were also notified that the SOTS’s Office will be mailing Applications for Absentee Ballot to all registered voters beginning mid-September.  The completed Applications will then be sent to the Town Clerk’s office and absentee ballots would be issued by us,”  the Town Clerk stresses that residents should note, “… we will begin mailing out Absentee Ballots on Friday, Oct. 2.”

As a large numbers of voters wishing to vote absentee is anticipated, the Town Clerk recommends the following:

  • Do not use the Application for Absentee Ballot which was mailed to you for the Aug. 11 Primaries as it will be rejected. You will receive a new one specifically for the Nov. 3 election.
  • Applications for Absentee Ballots will be mailed to you from the SOTS beginning mid-September.
  • If you do not receive your Application for Absentee Ballot for the Nov. 3 election in the mail by Sept. 30, contact the Old Lyme Town Clerk’s office or you visit this link to obtain one.
  • If you have previously filed an Application for Absentee Ballot for the Nov. 3 election with the Old Lyme Town Clerk’s office, disregard the one received from the SOTS.  Your initial Application will be processed.
  • Completed Applications for Absentee Ballot can be mailed to us or dropped in the Old Lyme Official Ballot Drop Box located in front of the Town Hall.
  • The Old Lyme Town Clerk’s Office will begin mailing Absentee Ballots Oct. 2.
  • Once you have received your Absentee Ballot and cast your vote, you may mail it to the Old Lyme Town Clerk’s Office or drop it into the Official Ballot Drop Box located in front of the Town Hall.

If you have any questions concerning the upcoming election, contact Town Clerk Vicki Urbowicz at (860) 434-1605 Ext. 221 or her assistant, Courtney, Ext. 220.

Editor’s Note: We urge all residents of Old Lyme and Lyme to mail or deliver their votes as early possible to allow time for the Town Clerk’s Office to process them.


  1. Jeri Baker says

    The new absentee ballot application has been online for awhile. We thought that doing one sooner rather than waiting for the SOTS mailing might help lighten out town clerk’s load a little once the flood of applications begins. Easy to copy/print off the website.

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