September 28, 2020

Mattson Issues Update on Town of Lyme’s Public Health Responses

Lyme First Selectman Steven Mattson.

LYME — Earlier this evening, Lyme First Selectman Steve Mattson issued the following update on the Town of Lyme’s Public Health responses to the Governor’s declaration of a public health emergency. He stated that the Town has taken the following actions:

  • Meetings and conference calls with Ledge Light Health District, the State Department of Public Health and the Governor’s office have been held and the Town is receiving multiple updates each day.
  • All Town Boards and Commissions and most private organizations have been advised to limit the size of events and give special protection to the at-risk population above 60 years of age and those with underlying medical conditions. Most events are being cancelled.
  • The Town website has been reorganized around the public health response. The emergency-notification ability has been activated and it is hoped everyone is checking for updates and has signed up for emergency notifications. The website will not be used for the moment-by-moment news available through many other outlets, but will communicate the Lyme-specific information as it changes.
  • A new email address is provided for contacting the Board of Selectmen for answers to resident’s questions:
  • The CEO issued an Executive Order closing all town buildings to the public while maintaining our staff on-site to assist residents by phone or email (see website for contact information of the departments). Meetings of Town Boards and Commissions have been cancelled.
  • The First Selectman formed a COVID-19 Response Team based on the Emergency Operations Plan previously adopted and updated. Individual assignments are being made and all included organizations and departments have their planning activities underway.
  • First responder organizations (Fire, Ambulance and Emergency Management) have been mobilized and entered their planning phases. Inventories of available materials and equipment have been made and efforts to acquire additional supplies are being sought. Volunteers to assist these groups will be needed.
  • The Response Team is forming a “high-risk resident outreach” and a “volunteer coordination” effort led by the Lyme Social Services Director and Lyme Town Clerk, supported by the Emergency Management Department and the Lyme Second Selectman. Email the if you are willing to help. The need to phone and check on residents and to transport or distribute food and supplies if things get really bad is anticipated. Any other expertise should be mentioned should other needs arise.
  • A list of isolated residents will hopefully become available and should residents want to be included on that list for follow-up, they can also contact the board of selectmen for inclusion.

Mattson added, “At present, there has not been a positive case of COVID-19 in New London County, but it will happen, including here in Lyme. Lyme faces an unimaginable period that has never happened before.”

He stressed, “We will survive it. If all of us employ social distancing and look out for each other – which is one of the values that makes Lyme special – we can minimize the damage to our residents and our way of life,” concluding, “Please protect yourselves and your families and volunteer where you can and don’t panic.”


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