June 5, 2020

State Rep. Carney Requests Public Hearing to Address Port Authority Audit Findings

State Rep. Devin Carney (R- 23rd)

HARTFORD – (Press release from State Rep. Carney’s office) Yesterday, State Representative Devin Carney (R-23), Ranking Member of the legislature’s Transportation Bonding Sub-Committee, submitted a letter to the chairs of the legislatures Transportation Committee, Governor Ned Lamont, Secretary of the State Denise Merrill requesting the committee hold a public hearing to address recent findings in an audit of the Connecticut Port Authority.

Thursday’s audit uncovered improper records management, issues with the authority’s accounting system, inconsistencies with business related entertainment, travel, and meal expenses, failure to maintain supporting documentation for some transactions, among several others.

“The gross negligence and blatant dishonesty outlined in the most recent audit of the Connecticut Port Authority is disturbing and even more of a reason why a public hearing needs to take place,” Rep. Carney said.

He continued, “The legislature needs to speak to those who were employed by, or in power, when this audit took place in order to get to the bottom of the authority’s abuse of taxpayer money and a public hearing would allow us to do so. I call on my colleagues in the legislature and our constitutional officers, including, most importantly, our Secretary of State, to join me in requesting a public hearing to get answers and to help restore public trust. I appreciate the auditors for their hard work and look forward to working to improve oversight of the Port Authority and all of our quasi-public agencies.”



  1. William Folland says

    The Honorable thing for selectman reemsnyder to do would be to resign. it’s time more public officials have the courage of mr. Carney and call for public hearings and her resignation. The silence of her supporters after the release of the state audit is very telling.

  2. Deb Czarnecki says

    The antics of the CT Port Authority finance chair and her colleagues is outrageous and disregard for CT taxpayer dollars seems to be part of politics in CT.
    All involved in the scandal should be questioned. And put an end to this “sideshow” and “distraction”.
    The taxpayers of OL and the rest of CT deserve to know more and those involved deserve to be questioned.

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