June 6, 2020

Old Lyme’s Bourque Brings Home Top Brewing Honors in Hartford Beer Festival

Noah Webster House & West Hartford Historical Society Executive Director Jennifer Matos stands with cask champion and Old Lyme resident Shane Bourque of Stony Creek Brewery at the fifth annual Noah Webster Real Ale Harvest Fest. held Sept. 7. Photo credit: Ben Scott. (Courtesy photo submitted)

Shane Bourque is seen here selecting the plants and herbs, which would go on to become key ingredients in his award-winning brew. Photo by C. Bourque.

OLD LYME — Each year, the Noah Webster Real Ale Festival is held at the Noah Webster House in West Hartford, and entrants are supposed to make each signature ale in a cask using only a base ale and whatever ingredients can be found in the garden of the home. In other words, they can only use ingredients that would have been available in the 1800s.

Breweries from across Connecticut come to show off their home brewed creations, and this year’s festival winner was presented to a watermelon sour craft beer brewed by Old Lyme resident Shane Bourque.

Bourque has been a resident of Old Lyme for 27 years. He went to school at Central Connecticut State University, where he studied criminology and history, and has been in the beer industry for about four or five years.

Starting out as a beer manager at …

Read the full article titled, Old Lyme resident brews success at ale festival at the link given. The article was written by Paul Garrett and published Sept. 30, on TheDay.com.

Editor’s Note: Shane Bourque is the son of David and Carey Bourque of Old Lyme.


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