September 22, 2020

Letter to the Editor: Griswold Explains Why He’s Running Again for Old Lyme First Selectman, Says Reemsnyder is “Ethically-Challenged”

To the Editor:

After serving 14 years as Old Lyme’s First Selectman through 2011, I am running again to lead the town. At our Republican caucus in July, we had excellent candidates for all open positions, save that of First Selectman.

Within days, news broke that our current First Selectwoman, who was the long-standing chair of the finance committee and then chairwoman of the board of the Connecticut Port Authority, was involved with serious problems there. I felt compelled to run for First Selectman to challenge my opponent’s ethically-challenged leadership. I undertook a petition drive and gathered twice the amount of signatures required.

Since 2011, I was elected to be Town Treasurer and a member of the Board of Assessment Appeals. I also serve on the MacCurdy Salisbury Educational Foundation, LOL Chamber of Commerce and the Old Lyme Historical Society. I know how local, regional and state government works and how to tap resources for the benefit of the town. I am ready to lead our town and will listen to our residents to learn their priorities, not pursue Hartford initiatives that are not right for our town.

Please vote for me and the well-qualified Row B candidates on November 5th!


Timothy C. Griswold,
Old Lyme.



  1. Thomas D Gotowka says

    I was disappointed when I read your letter and realized that the practice of name-calling and innuendo, – which is certainly the trademark of this current White House, – has become part of local politics. That same issue was raised at the recent debate and, as I recall, was addressed by Ms Reemsnyder something like this: David Collins reported that the Governor had requested Bonnie’s resignation from her very brief tenure as Port Authority (PA) chairperson because she “misused public funds by ‘allowing’ her daughter to sell photographs to the publicly funded agency”. In subsequent articles, Mr. Collins reported that she had, – as a member of the PA Board, – properly recused herself from the photo-art purchase decision. The decision was made by her predecessor, Scott Bates. Mr. Collins has dug more deeply into the PA and has surfaced some very significant financial and administrative issues not associated with Ms. Reemsnyder.
    Unfortunately, one must read between the lines and amongst the several articles to conclude that the requested resignation of an honorable and effective public servant was probably made with incomplete or faulty information. Political opponents are using “misuse of funds” and not her actual behavior.

  2. Bill Folland says

    I would suggest that mr. G read the audit report, released today, of the port authority indicating gross misconduct by reemsnider and her cronies at the authority. To defend and dismiss this behavior is beneath the dignity of any voter in our upcoming town election.

  3. Deb Czarnecki says

    Ms. Reemsynder had Scott Bates as a Guest Speaker to the Old Lyme Democratic Town Committees and their connection goes back to at least June of 2017.

    Again, read the audit, read about it in the Hartford Courant, read about it in the DAY, see it on Fox 61 news and VOTE ROW B for integrity that Old Lyme residents deserve.

  4. Candace Fuchs says

    Fake news! DTC Chairs from other towns are always welcome at the Old Lyme DTC meetings, no invitation needed.
    Let’s discuss the row of candidates you support who are endorsed by the Old Lyme RTC. Your party, under the chairmanship of J. David Kelsey, also a Board of Finance candidate, sponsored, Michelle Malkin to speak at the GOP campaign kick-off event in 2017. Michelle is a prolific defender of the imprisonment of US citizens, and more. Is this your idea of integrity and american values?

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