October 19, 2018

Danenhower Read Announces Bid for Old Lyme First Selectwoman in November Election, Kerr to be Running Mate

Judith Danenhower Read

Judith Danenhower Read has announced that she is running for the position of Old Lyme First Selectwoman in the upcoming November 2017 election and Chris Kerr will be joining her in a bid for the post of Old Lyme Selectman.  The Old Lyme Republican Town Committee has not yet made any formal endorsements for the November elections, but Read notes that she and Kerr will be campaigning as Republicans.

In a brief press release, Read says, “Old Lyme needs an effective management / leadership team to run our community. We [Read and Kerr] bring 40 plus years of small business experience and a common sense approach.”

She adds, “We deliver results.  We have good relationships with many groups in our community and are looking forward to building more.”



  1. I know Jude Danenhower Read very well and I can’t think of a better person to be Mayor of Old Lyme, the town I grew up in.

    Not only is she honest, she knows money and how to get the best from it, and she loves people and she loves to be effective-a winning combination!

    I wish I could vote for her but I don’t live in Old Lyme anymore- Sad…

    Maggie Baker

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