September 30, 2022

Letter to the Editor: Griswold Has Misrepresented Old Lyme’s Values, Embarrassed Residents by Refusal to Discuss Racism Resolution

To the Editor:

I am embarrassed that Old Lyme’s values have been poorly represented by First Selectman Tim Griswold.  Over a year ago, in August 2020, Selectwoman Mary Jo Nosal proposed that the Board of Selectmen adopt a resolution declaring racism a public health crisis, as well as measures to address it.  Despite the fact that the Connecticut legislature and numerous municipalities have adopted similar resolutions, First Selectman Griswold, joined by fellow Republican Selectman Chris Kerr, rejected that proposal, arguing that Old Lyme did not have a racism problem.  Selectwoman Nosal has repeated her request every month since, to no avail; Mr. Griswold has refused even to put the topic on the Board of Selectmen agenda for consideration or to discuss what revisions to the words of the resolution he would support.

The question is not, of course, whether Old Lyme residents are racists, but rather whether we will clearly and publicly acknowledge that racism is a societal problem (public health and more) which Old Lyme soundly opposes. The refusal of our town leadership to recognize this reality sends the contrary message, much to our shame and the dismay of most of our citizens.

Martha Shoemaker and Jim Lampos support taking a stand on this very important issue.  Our town’s embarrassment will end if they are elected on November 2.


William J. Belluzzi,
Old Lyme.

Editor’s Note: The author is a Democratic member of the Old Lyme Affordable Housing Commission.