September 30, 2022

Letter to the Editor: Old Lyme Selectman Kerr Proudly Endorses Griswold, Ward, as a Winning Team for the Town

To the Editor:

I am writing this letter to encourage my fellow voters in Old Lyme to select a winning team for leadership on the Board of Selectmen.

After serving on the Board of Finance and Board of Selectmen with Tim Griswold for over two years, I can earnestly tell you that no one is more qualified to be our First Selectman for another term.  Tim has decades of experience as a leader in our town.  He knows the needs and challenges facing the town and he listens to the citizens carefully.  No one is more focused on fiscal responsibility while getting the important things done.  Tim is committed to keeping Old Lyme a charming and welcoming community.  He doesn’t simply nod when he hears you.  He actually listens carefully to all viewpoints.  He puts principles ahead of politics.

Matt Ward is the ideal choice to be our Second Selectman.  I have known Matt for many years.  Matt has invested countless volunteer hours to the children in town through LOL Little League and in many other capacities.  Matt has extensive law enforcement experience as a State Trooper including management experience in the Connecticut State Police.  He understands public safety and how to effectively communicate with people.  You will be impressed with his quiet demeanor yet strength of character.  Matt is invested in Old Lyme where he and his lovely wife have five children in our school system.  All who have worked with or interfaced with Matt recognize his exemplary leadership skills.  As a leader of State Police Officers in Connecticut Troops, Matt was known to be a fair minded and motivating manager.

Matt is an unaffiliated voter, but embraces the same goals as Tim does:  Keep the Town safe; get projects done on time and within budgets; maintain the high quality school system; help our kids and our seniors have better lives; and focus on fiscal discipline.

I am proud to endorse Tim and Matt for our First and Second Selectmen on November 2nd.  I strongly encourage you to do the same for the long-term good of Old Lyme.


Chris Kerr,
Old Lyme.

Editor’s Note: The author is the Old Lyme Second Selectman; he is not seeking re-election.

Letter to the Editor: Selectman Kerr Wants to “Hit the Pause Button, Re-group and Listen” Before Continuing Town Projects

To the Editor:

We have spent a lot of time in Old Lyme discussing many big, important and impacting initiatives: Large plans for Halls Road privately-owned businesses, apartments at I-95 and Route 156 intersection, sewers at Soundview, and merging police with East Lyme, among other issues. I am asking for your vote November 5th to bring back honest discussion at the start of town initiatives, something as the current selectman is sorely needed.

I strongly support:

1) Halls Road improvements that can get done soon: sidewalks, crosswalks, planted traffic islands, improved sign guidelines and accommodating zoning. I do NOT believe the government should act as a master developer of land they do not own or control.

2) Keeping our police force under Old Lyme control;

3) Real economic development along the shoreline Rte. 156;

4) Re-establishing our position as a sewer-avoidance community;

5) Bringing long-waiting projects quickly to completion, including Sound View sewers which are going on six years and the renovation of Hains Park bathrooms which is pushing four years;

6) Needed improvements at the senior center.

As a town, we need to hit the pause button, re-group and listen to the community to establish priorities and then pursue THOSE items with vigor.

Please support myself, Tim Griswold and all of Row B on November 5.


Christopher W. Kerr,
Old Lyme.

Editor’s Note: The writer currently serves as an Old Lyme Selectman and is a 2019 candidate for the Old Lyme Board of Selectmen.