December 8, 2021

Town of Old Lyme Awarded Sustainable CT Certification

OLD LYME — The Town of Old Lyme has announced that it has received certification as a Sustainable CT municipality, demonstrating a commitment to creating a community that strives to be thriving, resilient, collaborative, and forward-looking. 

Old Lyme met a broad range of sustainability accomplishments to qualify for its Bronze-level certification.  The Town’s application was submitted by the board of selectmen’s Sustainable Old Lyme Team, a group initially created in 2018 with Old Lyme residents, who have volunteered their time to this process. 

“The Town is fortunate to have several dedicated members of the Sustainable Old Lyme Team, who have worked hard to earn this significant certification,” said Old Lyme First Selectman Timothy Griswold. He commented, “Among the numerous sustainable actions listed by Sustainable CT, the Team has focused on safe walking areas in Old Lyme. The Team surveyed residents, and not surprisingly, heard that walkability is important. Good going, Team, and go for the silver!” 

Sustainable CT, a statewide initiative that inspires and supports communities in becoming more efficient, resilient, and inclusive, announced 17 newly-certified communities this past week, including Old Lyme. The highest level of certification currently offered is silver.

In its application for Sustainable CT certification, Old Lyme demonstrated significant achievements in nine sustainable impact areas ranging from community building and a vibrant ‘arts & creative culture,’ to well-stewarded land and resilient planning.  Old Lyme successfully completed actions included a detailed Walkability Study and Audit conducted by the Sustainable Old Lyme Team. 

Sustainable Connecticut considered nine of Old Lyme’s submissions to be “Success Stories,” including its Arts & Creative Culture, its Effective Community Communications, and its 2010 Plan of Conservation & Development. Also highlighted as a Success Story was Lyme-Old Lyme Public School’s commitment to Clean Energy by 2030.

Sustainable CT has seen strong momentum and growth as a valuable, high-impact program.  One-hundred and twelve municipalities have registered for the program, representing 80 percent of the state’s population.  Collectively, 61 municipalities, over 36 percent of the state’s communities, have earned Sustainable CT certification. 

Certification lasts for three years, with submissions rigorously evaluated by independent experts and other Sustainable CT partners.  

“Congratulations to our newest Sustainable CT certified communities,” said Lynn Stoddard, Executive Director of the program.  “They join a growing number of certified towns and cities that are demonstrating municipal practices that make our communities more inclusive, healthy, connected, and strong.” 

The program is managed by the Institute for Sustainable Energy at Eastern Connecticut State University and includes actions that help towns and cities build community connection, social equity, and long-term resilience.  The program’s action roadmap and support tools are especially relevant as towns seek practices and resources to promote racial justice and respond to the COVID-19 crisis.

Sustainable CT is independently funded, with strong support from its three founding funders: the Emily Hall Tremaine Foundation, the Common Sense Fund, and the Smart Seed Fund. 

Additional support is provided by: the Community Foundation of Eastern Connecticut, Connecticut Community Foundation, Fairfield County Community Foundation, Main Street Community Foundation, and other sponsors.

Old Lyme and all spring and fall 2020 certified communities will be recognized later this year at the Annual Convention of the Connecticut Conference of Municipalities in December. 

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Editor’s Note: This article is adapted from a press release issued by the Town of Old Lyme.


  1. Bill Folland says

    This i would say to any social movement trying to portray Old Lyme as a less than inclusive community:

    Put that in your pipe and smoke it…

  2. Old Lyme received the lowest level certification on a program that passes one in three applicants.

    Congratulations, I guess.

    But we still can’t support affordable housing, or agree as a town that being racist is bad. Visionary leadership.

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