October 1, 2022

Brendan Saunders (R): Candidate for CT State Senate, 33rd District

Brendan Saunders


Brendan Saunders lives in Clinton today, but got into politics young. While growing up in Westbrook, he distributed lawn signs for Ed Munster’s Congressional Campaign and volunteered on the committee to elect Town Clerk, Tanya Lane. He helped former State Senator Art Linares and former State Representative Jesse MacLachlan.

He received his MA from Capital Seminary in Maryland. As ordained minister,  he founded Lighthouse Community Church, Westbrook, and stepped down to create the Fusion Podcast for young adults. He is  a self-described Reagan Republican and tireless advocate for freedom, fairness and opportunity for district’s residents and businesses. 


1. What do you believe are currently the three most pressing issues in the state of Connecticut?

  1. High Cost of Living

High taxes, fees, regulations, electricity costs have made it expensive to live and operate a business in this state.  

  1. Business Climate

The pandemic made the situation worse. Prior, CT business climate was poor. Large companies left and small businesses suffered under the high cost of doing business here. 

  1. Policing

Since passing the Police Accountability Bill (6004), recruitment is undermined and the relationship between the state and police officers is tenuous.

2. From the three issues you cite in your response to Question 1, identify the one that you think is the most pressing and explain your choice. Then expand on steps you believe should be taken to resolve it and how you could contribute to that resolution process.

The issue of the Ct’s high cost of living must be met head on. Raising taxes must stop.  Adding additional taxes must be curtailed.  Fees must be rolled back.  At the same time, Hartford must trim spending.

Basic economics teaches that we cannot tax our way to prosperity.  The current migration of people out of New York City and into Connecticut is an example of this.  On the other hand, lowering the cost of living creates an inviting environment for business and individuals.

If elected I will work to roll back taxes and fees that have hurt small businesses like the Pass-Through Entity tax and excessive LLC filing fees.  I will work to restore the R&D tax credit and expand the state’s apprenticeship tax credit program.  I will not vote for tax increases or adding the sales tax to additional items or services.  I will work to find areas of government to cut with a goal of streamlining and creating efficiency in our agencies and departments. 

3. What personal characteristics do you embody that justify why people should vote for you?. 

Honesty and compassion.  I  served in ministry and am known as a man of my word.  I seek to unify, and not divide.  I have not used negative attacks against my opponent or deceptive tactics to erroneously describe his views.