August 15, 2020

Old Lyme Historical Society Hosts Zoom Presentation Tonight on Historic Furniture Care, Preservation

Join a Zoom presentation July 30, hosted by the Old Lyme Historical Society on how to care for and preserve historic furniture and wooden artifacts.

OLD LYME — In cooperation with the Old Lyme Historical Society, nationally recognized wood conservator and lecturer Tad D. Fallon will make a Zoom presentation Thursday, July 30, at 7 p.m. on the care and preservation of historic furniture and wooden artifacts.

Topics include how furniture conservators examine objects, what they look for, and how they formulate intervention strategies. Tips on surface examination techniques, deciphering patina, and identifying past interventions will be discussed, and examples presented.

Collections upkeep and some do’s and don’ts of furniture care will be outlined. This talk is filled with practical knowledge that will interest anyone with family heirlooms, wood furnishings, or detailing in their home they want to preserve for future generations.

Immediately following the talk, there will be an informal question-and-answer session. Zoom participants are welcome to share visuals of their objects for discussion.

For more information, visit this link.

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