October 20, 2021

Inaugural Online Exhibition at Lyme Academy Now on View, Features Artwork by Lyme School Students

“Nature Rings,” a remarkable work by Morgan Buerger, Grade 5, is on view in the “Art is … Elementary” online exhibition, hosted by Lyme Academy of Fine Arts, which opens June 5.

OLD LYME — Lyme Academy of Fine Arts is launching a new online gallery with an inaugural exhibition titled “Art Is … Elementary. Selected Works by the Fine Artists of Lyme Consolidated School, Lyme.” The exhibition will be open for viewing Friday, June 5.

Lyme Academy has hosted the Lyme-Old Lyme Schools K-12 “Youth Art Show” in the Sill House Gallery for more than 30 years. This year, which would have been the 35th annual show, had to be cancelled since all schools in Connecticut were closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic,

This delightful work, titled,”A Mandolorian Cuteness,” by Renee Viera, Grade 4, is included in the online exhibition.

The revitalized Academy has been expanding into the online arena in recent months offering both lessons and demonstrations. “An online gallery therefore seemed the next logical step,” explains Kimberly Monson, Instructor and Programming Director at Lyme Academy, adding, “It’s a way to offer our community a means to share art.”

This cheery”Happy Frog” by Colton Schroder, Grade 1, is on show in the new exhibition.

Asked how this particular show featuring student artists from grades K-5 at Lyme Consolidated School came about, Monson says, “It felt like these kids were experiencing a lot of loss. It’s hard enough for them to be away from school, their teachers and their friends, but then to have all of the extra-curricular activities cancelled as well, that’s an awful lot to take away” Lyme Consolidated School art teacher, Jennifer Pitman adds,“The pandemic has cost us so many of our cherished traditions. I’m really glad that this is one tradition we’ve been able to uphold.”

“The Amazing Principle” by Jonah Scheckwitz, Grade 4, is an instantly-recognizable drawing of the real Lyme School Principal James Cavalieri.


Monson went on to explain, “Jen [Pitman] and I felt this was something we could give back to the kids. It’s a way to celebrate them with an exhibition, which is still hosted by Lyme Academy.”

This evocative work, titled, “A Sunset Reflection,” by Brooke Burgess, Grade 5, is featured in the upcoming show.

Pitman credits Monson with really making the show happen, noting, ““I’m really grateful for Kimberly’s support. Showing our students’ art on the Lyme Academy’s new Online Gallery is a real treat. It’s exciting for the kids to be able to see their work displayed by such a prestigious institution. And she provided a big assist by putting the exhibition together.” Monson was well-suited to serving as a catalyst for the show since, in addition to her employment at Lyme Academy, she is also a professional, working artist.

“On The Rails” by Zak Benedetto, Grade 2, utilizes wonderful colors.

Pitman concludes, “The annual Youth Art Show is a real highlight for me. I hope all of the students and their families will enjoy seeing the results of their hard work in this new way. I’m so proud of their growth as young artists.”

This wise-looking “Owl” by Mary McAdams, Grade 2, makes its debut in the Lyme Academy online show.

View the exhibition at this link.




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