June 6, 2020

New ‘estuary’ Magazine Focused on Connecticut River Watershed Launches This Month

OLD LYME — There’s a new magazine in town!

Estuary Ventures Inc. has announced the launch of a new quarterly magazine, titled estuary, about the “Life of the Connecticut River.”  Publisher and Old Lyme resident Dick Shriver tells LymeLine.com that estuary is for those who live in, care about, and are interested in, the Connecticut River watershed.

The magazine, available both online and in print, features stories about the Connecticut River’s science and conservation efforts, history, people, fish and other wildlife, places for recreation, and challenges for the future.

“We want our readers to luxuriate in the stories, photographs and other images,” says Shriver, adding, “With regard to conservation, we believe the more people there are who know what’s happening in the watershed, the more people there will be who will volunteer or otherwise contribute to take better care of it.”

Estuary is the only magazine dedicated to the entire watershed of the Connecticut River, all 410 miles of it.  The source of the River is near the Canadian border in New Hampshire and it then flows down New Hampshire’s border with Vermont, passing through western Massachusetts, and ultimately past Hartford and Essex to its mouth in Connecticut bordered by Old Saybrook on the west and Old Lyme on the east.

Dick Shriver

Sixty years ago, people who travelled along parts of the Connecticut River wore gas masks because of the malodorous and toxic surroundings along the way. Many, who now work on behalf of the River in a variety of ways, are thrilled that the River is once again, in Shriver’s words, “Clean, healthy and full of life,” though he quickly notes, “There is still so much more to improve.” The Connecticut River watershed is also home to many important tributaries such as the Deerfield, Farmington and Ottauquechee Rivers.

The first issue of estuary will be in subscribers’ mailboxes by Feb. 29. Online subscribers will be able to see the magazine sooner; the issues will be archived so that new subscribers will be able to access all back issues. 

Shriver explains the first issue focuses on, “Science and Conservation” and that the themes of the next three issues are respectively: Recreation; Birds, Migration and Wildlife; and History, Waterfowl and Ice. More than two dozen professional story tellers and photographers have contributed stories and visual essays for the first two issues.

It will be possible to obtain copies of back issues in print as long as supplies last. 

The online estuary magazine is available for $20 per year (four issues), and the print plus online combination for $40 per year.  Subscribe for either option at this link.

For more information about the magazine, visit estuarymagazine.com.  

For additional information and/or questions, contact Shriver at pubisher@estuarymagazine.com


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