August 11, 2020

Letter to the Editor: Old Lyme BOF Alternate Burrows is ‘Deeply Committed’ to This Community, Seeks Fourth Term as Alternate

To the Editor:

I, Adam Burrows, have served three terms as an alternate member of the Old Lyme Board of Finance. I now seek a fourth term. I believe that the role of the Board of Finance is to wisely use the local, state, federal and other dollars available to the town to maintain appropriate services and to support those projects that reflect the current and projected needs of our community. This requires careful development of a reasonable budget for the local taxpayers to review and approve at the annual town meeting. 

My deep commitment to Old Lyme has developed over many years. I was the principal of Old Lyme Center School from 1985 to 2005 and was one of the founding members of the Lyme/Old Lyme Education Foundation and served as president for three years. Our family has resided in Old Lyme for 25 years. JoAnn, my wife, is a retired Region #18 teacher. We have three children. Heather resides with her husband in Wallingford. Meredith resides in Willow Grove, Penn. with her husband and two daughters, Eleanor and Eliot. Adam, our son, is a 2008 graduate of Lyme/Old Lyme High School. 

I would greatly appreciate your vote on Nov. 5. 


Adam Burrows,
Old Lyme.


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