August 5, 2020

Letter to the Editor: Kemp Hopes to Contribute to ‘Ongoing Success’ of LOL Schools by Serving on Region 18 BOE

To the Editor:

I decided to run for the Region 18 Board of Education in Old Lyme because I care greatly about the top-rated school system we have and I want to contribute to its ongoing success. I have lived in Old Lyme for about seven years, joining my wife, Kimball Robbins, who already had two daughters in our schools. We now have another child, just starting out in Center School, and I have seen why this town draws so many families concerned about their children’s development. 

My household has a mix of skills, needs, and ages. I believe our schools should be a place for all children to develop academically, athletically, musically, and artistically, from wherever they may start. We must also be fiscally responsible to protect the interest of every town resident, with or without children in our town. My education in law, as well as my career spent mediating and evaluating family disputes through the court system, have given me the experience and skills needed to critically assess the requests of the school system and balance the needs of our children and the other residents of our town.

 I would greatly appreciate your vote on November 5, at the Cross Lane Firehouse.


Jason L. Kemp,
Old Lyme.


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