June 17, 2021

Summertime Reminders from Old Lyme’s Recycling Committee to Reuse, Reduce, Recycle

The Old Lyme Recycling and Solid Waste Committee offers these reminders, tips and suggestions to increase the recycling rate in Old Lyme, reduce your waste and keep our environment healthy.

When planning that backyard barbecue or beach visit, avoid single use plastic and all foam products. Use reusable plates, containers and cutlery. Look for the least amount packaging used in your purchases

Just like at home, use the green recycle bin and the blue trash bin at the beach. Do not bag recycling items.

Use reusable shopping bags instead of plastic throwaways. Plastic bags can be recycled at the Old Lyme Library, Big Y, Wal-Mart and many other locations.

Start a compost pile for food items and lawn clippings. These are not recyclable. Glass and plastic containers with food waste in them are not recyclable.

Textile items and construction debris (wood, asphalt shingles) do not belong in either the blue or green bins.

Old Lyme’s recycling rate is 27 percent, about equal with the state average. The statewide goal for 2024 is 60 percent.

Trash hauler fees are going up; the more that can be recycled, the more can be saved in fees. Recycling reduces trash and saves money.

Check out RecycleCT.com and the link on the town website. Click on this link on the Town website to see What’s In / What’s Out in terms of recycling.

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