May 22, 2019

Memories of a Happy Halloween Night on Lyme Street

The Cooley Gallery was decked appropriately to celebrate the evening …

Oh, what a night it was on Lyme Street! ¬†There were witches and warlocks, ghosts and ghouls, aliens and airmen, pirates and policemen, spacemen and schoolgirls,¬† …

Here are some memories of another warm and wonderful Halloween night on Lyme Street with many thanks indeed to all the readers (The Cooley Gallery, Lynn Fairfield-Sonn and Rod Clingman), who kindly sent us these photos.

Photo by Rod Clingman

The costumes and carriages were, as usual, extremely creative … including this handsome airman …

Captain Hook was in town …

And just look at that hat!

Ooooh my … look at the size of that spider!

The door never closed at the perennially popular Fairfield-Sonn residence …

It takes two … or maybe we should say ‘Double Trouble’!

Or perhaps it takes three!

And what would we do without a lady of the cloth to make sure there’s no foul play?

The crowds on Lyme Street just grew and grew and the line outside the Fairfield-Sonn residence was apparently never-ending … perhaps lasting as long as the candy supplies!


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