January 28, 2021

Letter to the Editor: Re-elect Carney To Continue His Exceptional Hard Work For All

To the Editor:

I am writing today in support of our State Representative, Devin Carney. Over the last 4 years Devin has served us with distinction, worked incredibly hard on our behalf, and never missed a vote. Having really gotten to know Devin, he always has Old Lyme’s best interests in mind when proposing or voting on legislation in Hartford.

One of Devin’s greatest accomplishments for Old Lyme was helping defeat the rail bypass proposal that would have destroyed so much of what we love in town. Without flinching, Devin stepped in & helped lead the charge against the bypass. Because of his advocacy, he was made the Ranking Member of the Transportation Committee – one of the largest, most powerful legislative committees in Hartford. 

In addition, Devin stood up for taxpayers against proposals to increase our taxes like mileage taxes & veterinary taxes. He has worked across the aisle for budgetary reform, combatting the opioid crisis and supporting our seniors. His priorities are always in the right place for Old Lyme residents. 

Old Lyme deserves a representative who will put people before politics and I know Devin always will. Please join me on Tuesday, November 6th, in re-electing Devin Carney.


Skip Sibley,
Old Lyme.


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