December 15, 2018

Letter to the Editor: Wayland Has All The Required Qualities To Excel As Lyme First Selectman

To the Editor:

Being the first selectman in a small town comes with unique challenges. The first selectman is expected to cheerfully solve issues ranging from taxes and zoning, to neighborhood disputes and unsightly guardrails.

In order to be a successful first selectman of a small town, one must not only be a problem solver, but he or she must also be kind, patient, and understanding. This is why I know that Mark Wayland will excel when it comes to the job. His endless knowledge on the Town of Lyme, his compassionate, caring nature, and his no-nonsense intelligence will help him solve any problem that comes his way, big or small.

William T. Koch Jr.,

Editor’s Note: The author is a former first selectman of Lyme.


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