December 14, 2018

Letter to the Editor: Re-elect Reemsnyder, Nosal For All The Good Things They’ve Done, Yet To Do

To the Editor:

The team of Bonnie Reemsnyder and Mary Jo Nosal have, over their tenure of six years leading Old Lyme government, implemented numerous improvements. These include: creation of a program to maintain town-owned buildings; establishment of a reserve fund for maintenance of town roads; upgrade of Hartford Avenue, now virtually completed, with 80 percent federal funding; redesign and rebuild of the Rogers Lake boathouse and other park improvements; and introduction of LED lighting to town roads. These improvements promise to enhance our quality of life and safety in a cost-effective manner. Old Lyme is financially healthy, with spending in check and able to stay current with technology assets.

In addition, Reemsnyder was instrumental in leading the successful fight to defeat the Federal Railroad Administration’s plan to run a high-speed rail line over or under the center of our town and across southeastern Connecticut. She has now taken the lead as a fact-finder exploring ways to improve Old Lyme’s police services.

This writer unequivocally urges the re-election of both Reemsnyder and Nosal, recognizing the substantial experience and ability they have afforded our town and the contributions they will make in the future.

David B. Woolley,
Old Lyme.

Editor’s Note: The author is the chairman of the Old Lyme Democratic Town Committee.


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