January 22, 2019

Letter to the Editor: Old Lyme Cannot Afford to Lose Reemsnyder, Nosal’s Experience

To the Editor:

The Republican candidates for Old Lyme Selectmen claim that their service on Old Lyme’s boards and commissions better qualifies them than the six years of leadership experience enjoyed by incumbents Bonnie Reemsnyder and Mary Jo Nosal. I disagree.

Challengers must always criticize their opponents, even if they have to misstate the facts. And it is customary for them to say “we can fix everything,” because they have the magic wands that incumbents lack.

The fact is, however, that town leaders cannot keep problems from arising. Their measure is taken in how they respond. Old Lyme’s challenges in recent years have included discontent and shortages in our police force, pollution in our beach communities, and surprises with some construction projects. In each case, Bonnie and
Mary Jo have faced the issues head-on and acted responsibly and effectively to address them, engaging the community and soliciting bipartisan support. For example, Bonnie’s leadership ability and her relationships with state and federal officials were critical to defeating the high-speed rail plan; we cannot afford to lose her.

The experience and demonstrated competence of Bonnie and Mary Jo should not be exchanged for the service of their opponents on town boards and commissions.


Joseph G. Soucie,
Old Lyme


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