August 19, 2022

Property Transfers in Old Lyme 2017

06/23 13 Beechwood Ln. Edward F. Grzes of New Britain, CT, to Nicholas M. Venn of Granby, CT, $350,000

06/20 76 Mile Creek Rd. Ann B Lane, to Alexandra B. Shor, $995,000

06/19 72 Lord Hill Ln. James S. Herman Jr. of Marblehead, MA, to Tarik Kardesduncer, $1,028,250

06/19 11 Ridgewood Rd. Roseanne C. and Richard C. Tynan of Farmington, CT, to Jonathan Fontneau of Monroe, CT, $430,000

06/16 205 Shore Rd. Frank J. Donofrio of Hingham, MA, to Bruce A. Smith, $350,000

06/16 286 Mile Creek Rd. Peter M. and Suzy I. Black of Milford, PA, to Edmund T. Cleary IV of Bryn Mawr, PA, $399,000

06/16 12 Breen Ave. Sebastian and Wilma Failla of Rocky Hill, CT, to Larry Wayne Michaud Jr. of Agawam, MA, $297,000

06/16 19 Edge Lea Rd. Brian D. and Cynthia K. Beglin of Lyme, to Christopher T. Brodeur of Old Lyme, $655,000

06/15 10 Ferry Rd. Susan V. Rahr of Old Saybrook, CT, to Douglas Lowell, $679,000

06/14 65 Old Colony Rd. Morello Enterprises LLC  of Cromwell, CT,  to Kirk Donegan of Cheshire, CT, $470,000

06/13 15 Ascot Ln. Christine H. Pellisier of Westbrook, CT, to Jason R. Ferry of Old Lyme, ($ figure being checked)

06/15 92 Rogers Lake Tr. Linda Diane Rivard-Hilliker of Rio Rancho, NM, to Scott M. Kadlecik of Old Lyme, $267,000

06/9 4 Cobblers Ln. Robert F. Roser of Niantic, CT, to Irene Campbell of Old Lyme, $312,000

06/9 11 Hartung Place Jean Walker V. Trustee and Edward Walker Jr. Trustee of East Hartford, CT, to Ralph Dicristoforo, $625,000

06/7 51-1 Mile Creek Rd. Amber C. Stolz of Niantic, CT, to James R. Welter II of Old Lyme, $360,000

06/7 67 Connecticut Rd. Ronald R. and Mary C. Berry of South Lyme, to Richard Cruanes, $475,000

06/2 37 OakRidge Dr. Laurel A. O’Brien of Old Lyme, to Cheryl Kusako of Waterbury, CT, $350,000

06/1 41 Rowland Rd. Ian M. McEvily of Old Saybrook, CT, to Kimberly A. Ouelette of Old Lyme, $290,000

06/1 3 Squire Hill Gary W. Davis and Barbara L. Turner of Westbrook, CT, to Joanne B. Hine, $525,000

05/26 34 Hillcrest Rd. William A. Jr. and Barbara A. of Newton, CT to Matthew J. and Cathlyn D. of Southington, CT, $295,000

05/26 33 Washington Ave. Thomas C. and Susan A. Mattarocci of Old Lyme, CT, to David Cobbol of Hartford, CT, $325,000

05/25 18 West End Dr. Clinton A. Hanks of Davenport, FL, to (illegible.)

05/18 7 Old Bridge Rd. Robert A. Roche of Kensington, CT, to Bruce J. Dowd of Old Lyme, $625,000

05/18 8 Boughton Rd. Holly H. Colvin of West Newbury, MA, to Wendie D. Colvin of Old Lyme, $204,000

05/17 55 Sea View Rd. Lydia C. Spinella (The Lydia C. Spinella Trust) of Manchester, CT, to Dennis LaRose of Enfield, CT, $474,900

05/16 411 Shore Rd. Carolyn L. Mackie and Damian Scott Wesoly of Westbrook, CT to Kimberly L. Heilwell of Old Lyme, $220,000

05/16 309 Miami Ave. Nationstar Mortgage LLC of Coppell, TX to McLogonade and  Towmon Swan of Rockyhill (illegible) CT, $50,000

05/15 12 Somerset Ln. Michael C. and Lisa A. Kane of Westerly, RI, to Matthew B. Miller of Old Lyme, $569,000

05/12 16 Moore Ave. Galco LLC of East Lyme, CT, to Megan Litke of Old Lyme, $299,900

05/12 72 Rogers Lake Tr. Lighthouse Restoration LLC of Madison, CT, to Michael G. Nickerson of Old Lyme, $250,100

05/11 18 Library Ln. Richard Dillenbeck of Wellesley, MA, to Brita Herman of Old Lyme, $685,000

05/10 12-1 Maywood Dr. Erik R. and Jennifer L. Tyrol of Old Saybrook, CT, to Nicole Barreto of Old Lyme, $528,000

05/5 19 Champlain Dr. Nationstar Mortgage LLC of Coppell, TX, to Joseph J. Quaratella Jr. of Old Lyme, $203,175

05/5 109-1 and 103 Hillcrest Rd. William H. and Janice R. Thompson of South Lyme, to William F. Griffin, Jr. (The William F. Griffin, Jr. Trust) of Durham, CT, $1,020,000

05/3 25 Hawks Nest Rd. Theresa C. Garland of Simsbury, CT, to Arthur T. and Sheryl G. Snurkowski of Old Lyme, $321,000

05/1 376 Shore Rd. Vivian A. Brooks of Waterford, CT, to David S. Henderson of Old Lyme, $275,000

04/28 6 North Rd. Nationstar Mortgage LLC DBA Champion Mortgage of Coppell, TX, to Thomas E. Sherrer, Jr. of Old Lyme, $294,500

04/21 15 Hawks Nest Rd. Richard M. and Marian A. Hyne of Wayne, NJ, to Christine A. Grem of Old Lyme, $372,450

04/21 49 Hawks Nest Rd. James P. Wells of Port St. Lucie, FL, to Ronald T. Cotta, $322,000

04/21 29 Shore Dr. Susan H. Kane of Lebanon, CT, to Richard J. Herring of Ledyard, CT, $110,000

04/20 9 Avon Ave. Richard A. Diesl of Spofford, NH, to Justin Gaboury, $96,500

04/19 15 Jadon Dr. Donna S. Witham of Old Lyme, to Lesley N. Phaneof of Old Lyme, $60,000

04/19 128 Boston Post Rd. Bayview Loan Servicing LLC of Coral Gables, FL, to Harbourside Properties of Old Lyme, $155,000

04/17 33 Breen Ave. William Gigliuto Jr. of Windsor, CT, to Joseph S. Russo of Berlin, CT, $290,000

04/6 12-1 Whippoorwill Rd. Judy Marcus, Executrix of the Estate of Carol N. Winters, to Scott A. Winters, $125,000

04/5 63 Gorton Ave. Joanne Santangelo of Old Lyme, to Philip K. Lombado of Wethersfield, CT, $10,000

04/4 2 Katherine Rd. John F. Gresh Trustee of Chester, CT, to Courtney R. Gomez of Old Lyme, $257,000

04/4 63 Sill Lane. Joann Janicki of Killingworth, CT, to Hector B. Migliacci of Old Lyme, $365,000

04/3 1 Great Oak Rd. Cawiamca, LLC of Old Saybrook, CT, to Joseph P. Jankovich of Old Lyme, $415,000

03/31 26 Oak Rd. Dennis J. Robidoux of Meriden, CT, to Eleanor M. Vendetti, $524,900

03/28 40 Seaside Ln. Jesse W. Morgan of Windsor Locks, CT, to Ron Cassin of Meriden, CT, $366,000

03/24 9 Landing Rd. David A. and Heather C. Harms of Lyme, to Stratton G. Danes of Old Lyme, $635,000

03/24 35 Sill Ln. Diane R. Birdsall of Marfa, TX, to Marcello and Padovano Marvelli, $670,000

03/15 11 Brookside Ave. Victoria Parsons of Jupiter, FL, to Bruce R. Sievers of Lebanon, CT, $375,000

03/7 13 Sargent Rd. Joyce C. Zgorski, Trustee of Berlin, CT, to Richard and Mary Kowalski of Colchester, CT, $350,000

02/28 23-1 Briar Hill Dr. The Estate of Kathleen B. Lauler of Springfield, VA, to Harrison S. and Kristen L. Phelps of Old Lyme, $410,000

02/28 120-1 Sill Ln. David W. and Linda J. Lane of Niantic, CT, to CMRS Devotions, LLC of Old Lyme, $575,000

02/28 11 Mile Creek Rd. Nationstar Mortgage LLC of Coppell, TX, to Chyler, LLC of Mystic, CT, $139,125

02/27 12 Hillcrest Ave. Barbara Sapere of Old Lyme, to Nelson Bravo of Old Lyme, $229,000

02/27 26 Springfield Rd. Alexa Nanos of Deerfield Beach, FL, to Amy Gosselin of Succasunna, NJ, $400,000

02/27 36 Brightwater Rd. Timothy M. McDonald of Rochester, VT, to Kathleen M. Fermeglia of Prospect, CT, $42,858

02/27 36 Brightwater Rd. John W. McDonald of Wakefield, RI, to Kathleen M. Fermeglia of Prospect, CT, $42,858

02/24 4 Littlefield Dr. Susan Latourette of Lyme, to Anthony L. Daniels, $245,000

02/24 2 Browns Ln. Robert J. Greenwood of Norwich, CT, to William G. Gamache, $225,000

02/ 24 15 Columbus Ave. Kenneth A. Turnquist of Watertown, CT, to John J. Francolini, $280,000

02/17 2 Littlefield Ln. Lawrence J. Selby and Elspeth A. Knill-Selby of North Haven, CT, to Kimberly and Joshua Thompson of Old Lyme, $360,000

02/16 1 Devitt Rd. Morgan Stanley Loan Trust of Highlands Ranch, CO, to Lindsey Rotolo, $361,000

02/16 3 Wychwood Rd. Kevin F. and Julie A. Buchanan of Deep River, CT, to James Waller of Old Lyme, $440,000

02/10 1 Katherine Rd. Arthur S. Spineti of Farmington, CT, to Karen A. Stifel of Kensignton, CT, $185,000

02/10 117 Sill Ln. Dale Nicholson of Old Lyme and Pamela J. Sims of Pawcatuck, CT, to Thomas M. Negrelli of Old Lyme, $430,000

02/7 14 Ferry Rd. Patricia C. Devoe Trust Agreement of Old Lyme, to Austin Wilmerding of Old Lyme, $395,000

02/3 5 Noble Ave. David M. Chamberlain of Easton, MA, to Matthew Glaser of Old Lyme, $328,000

02/3 17 Champlain Dr. Estate of Albert J. Swanson of Newton, CT, to Candice M. Hanes of Old Lyme, $212,775

02/3 9 Whippletree Ln. Peter P. and Judith A. Buckley to Vincent A. Peppito, $502,500

02/3 243 Mile Creek Rd. Carl J. and Christine E. Igelbrink of Old Lyme, to Yuri Fesko of Raleigh, NC, $485,000

02/2 35 Court Ln. Margaret Amata of Westport, CT, to Way H. Qui of Old Lyme, $325,000

02/1 27 Brookside Ave. Darlene MoQuin of East Hartford, CT, and Pamela Drapeau of Wethersfield, CT, to Patricia Capasso of Wethersfield, CT, $50,000

1/30 5 Sargent Rd. David J. Grillo of Arlington, VA, to Jeffrey A. Grillo of Ashburn, VA, $100,000

1/27 10 Sandalwood Ln. Estate of Catherine P. Martin of Essex, CT, to Brian Bailey of Old Lyme, $326,000

1/23 28 Champlain Dr. Three Eleven, LLC, of Westbrook, CT, to Louis J. Kjerstad of Old Lyme, $385,000

1/17 7 Moss Point Trail. Red Oak Investments, LLC, of South Windsor, CT, to Michael K. Zubretsky of Niantic, CT, $215,000

1/17 70 Connecticut Ave. John D. and Sheila J. Fox of Fairbanks, AK, to Michael Francis of Monroe, CT, $350,000

1/13 24 McCurdy Rd. Mary Miller of Old Lyme, to Pamela Walker-Wertz, $350,000

1/11 9 Mile Creek Rd. U.S. Bank National Association as Trustee for Lenmen x5 Trust Mortgage Pass-Through Certifications, Series 2006-16N of West Palm Beach, FL, to Joseph O’Connell of Salem, CT, $95,299

01/11 13 Riverbend Rd. Barlow/Toffdon Trust of Hartford, CT, to Margaret MacDonald of Old Lyme, $370,000

01/10 4-2 Talcott Farm Rd. John S. Gordon Trustee of Mystic, CT, to Maria S. Martinez of Old Lyme, $545,000