January 22, 2019

Letter to the Editor: Who Saved Old Lyme From The Train? An Alternative View

To the Editor:

Make no mistake; a major train project in our community (even if well into the future) is a foremost public concern.  What are distressing are the boisterous claims of credit by our local leaders, when in fact concerned residents in the community raised the alarm.

On November 10, 2015 the Federal Railroad Administration (“FRA”) wrote personally to First Selectwoman Reemsnyder and RiverCOG (which Reemsnyder chairs) forewarning the NEC Future Plan and inviting public comment on the Draft Environmental Impact Statement (EIS).  Ms. Reemsnyder spoke against the plan in mid-January 2016 in New Haven.  However, the townspeople of Old Lyme, local officials, cultural organizations, and businesses were not made aware of this federal plan until late January by an alarmed resident who identified the “threat” to our Old Lyme Historic District and initiated a large grassroots campaign along the shoreline that prompted leaders to real action. Before that, most everyone was unaware of the plan or the looming comment deadline for the Draft EIS. 

We need our leaders to be forward thinking, not reactionary.  Is Old Lyme ready for the next big wave, whether the widening of I-95, coerced regionalization, or the replacement of the Connecticut River Bridge?  As it turns out, the FRA on January 5, 2017 concurred with an Environmental Assessment that paves the way for Amtrak to replace the Connecticut River Bridge; yet we have heard nothing about it and no planning details such as construction staging, trucking routes, river operations and mitigation dollars.  In Norwalk, local officials spent two years negotiating the required details to make sure they were not steamrolled by government agencies. 

On November 7th, we need to elect leaders Jude Read and Chris Kerr who recognize early on the risks and opportunities for major state and federal initiatives, and keep residents, boards and commissions informed of what is going on.


Wayne Buchanan,
Old Lyme


Letter to the Editor: Challenging the Challenges to the Carter Candidacy

To the Editor:

I am writing in response to a letter sent in by Bennett “BJ” Bernblum on the 25th.

Contrary to what BJ Bernblum would have you believe, there is no “expiration date” on a Master’s degree.  The fact is, Cathy Carter has 15 years of experience working in positions of responsibility in municipal, state, and federal government.  To suggest as a working mother, and as someone who volunteered countless hours teaching and coaching the youth of our community, that her hard earned Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in public administration as a young professional are irrelevant – is both ill informed and arguably sexist.

It’s interesting also that Mr. Bernblum fails to disclose that he’s both a Democratic candidate on Bonnie’s Team this year and a maximum $1000.00 donor to Bonnie!

BJ Bernblum just doesn’t speak the facts. And, no matter how much he wants Bonnie, himself, and his team to win, as they say, “while you are entitled to your own opinion, you are never entitled to your own facts!”

Bottom line, Cathy Carter knows her way around government and will no doubt hit the ground running on day one as First Selectwoman.  If you support a common sense approach to government and savvy practical experience, vote Cathy on November 3rd!


Wayne Buchanan

Old Lyme

P.S.Congratulations to Cathy for her vision and community direction advocated in the Selectmen’s Debate.  She is a community leader with plain to see administrative and government experience.

Editor’s Note: The author is a member of the Republican Town Committee.