January 16, 2022

Region 18 BOE ‘Meet the Candidates’ Event to be Held In-Person Tonight, Also Live-Streamed and Recorded

Photo by Robinson Recalde on Unsplash.

LYME-OLD LYME — Lymes’ Youth Service Bureau (LYSB) and the Lyme-Old Lyme Chamber of Commerce are hosting an in-person, Meet the Candidates for Board of Education event this evening, Wednesday, Oct. 20, starting at 7 p.m. at Lyme-Old Lyme Middle School.

LymeLine.com is proud to sponsor the event and all are welcome.

The eight candidates running for the Old Lyme open seats on the Region 18 Board of Education (BOE) will give prepared statements and answer questions posed by the Event Moderator, Attorney John A. Collins III of Suisman Shapiro Attorneys at Law.

Three Old Lyme incumbents on the current Region 18 BOE — Chair Diane Linderman, Treasurer Jean Wilczynski and Rick Goulding — have chosen not to seek re-election. Old Lyme incumbent Martha Shoemaker is seeking reelection.

Lyme incumbent Stacey Leonardo (D) is also not seeking re-election.

The eight candidates running for the four, four-year-term Old Lyme seats are:

  • Marisa Calvi-Rogers, (D)
  • Mona Colwell, (U) Endorsed by Old Lyme Republicans
  • Laura Dean-Frazier, (U) Endorsed by Old Lyme Republicans
  • Jason Kemp, (D)
  • Alexander Lowry, (D)
  • Michael Presti, (R)
  • Martha Shoemaker, (D), incumbent
  • Christopher Staab, (R)

Anna James (D), who is unable to attend the event, is running uncontested for the open Lyme seat.

Many thanks to all the readers, who submitted questions for possible use at the event. A significant number was received – far more than can be asked within the event’s timeline. The event planning committee will be solely responsible for selecting the questions asked at the event.  There will be no questions taken from the floor.

The program will be livestreamed on the Region 18 BOE YouTube channel at this link. It will also be recorded and posted at the same link for future viewing. Note: this is a new link from that previously announced.

Election Day is Tuesday, Nov. 2.

For further information, contact Mary Seidner at mseidner@lysb.org or 869-434-7208.


  1. Charlotte Scot says

    I define Critical Race Theory as teaching the truth. How do the persons running for the school board define it?
    (FYI.My ancestors who lived in Old Lyme in the seventeenth and eighteenth century, I am sad to say, “owned” slaves. Children here today must be aware of our history and how we have fought to welcome all people to our community and to appreciate diversity. They must learn the truth.

    • Paula Sadlon says

      That is fine for you but many of our ancestors were starved and under a “boss” in Europe until they arrived here @1900. They were met with hostility and severe discrimination. I do not share your collective guilt. My ancestors, with no language skills or privilege, strove to succeed.

      They were denied access to universities and careers by the old WASP hierarchy and still succeeded.

      CRT and cancel culture is mind control. Tell the real truth not revisionist history.

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