August 8, 2020

Valentine’s Day Advice for ‘Late to the Party’ People

2-red-heartHappy Valentine’s Day to all our readers!  Our revered advice columnist Jennifer Petty Mann has some great suggestions for those who haven’t quite got themselves together yet for the big day … and don’t just want to go down the same old route of flowers and/or chocolates.  Read on!

Dear Jen,
Valentines day is always so generic.  Chocolate.  Flowers.  Hallmark cards.  What can I do that’s different?
Sick of same O

Dear Sick of Same O,
I hear you.  Excellent question.  Of course love is personal, but being a romantic goofball is never out of style.  Don’t be afraid to put it out there in your own way.

  • You can make cookies in the shape of your beloved a initials.
  • You can get kids washable crayons and write notes on the bathroom mirror.
  • You can get henna ( which comes off in a few days) and write stuff on your arms.  Like Melanie Griffiths huge ” I heart Antonio”* on her arm.
  • Make a David Letterman Top Ten list of reasons you love your beloved.
  • You can play 9 1/2 weeks with the fridge.  Take weird food in fridge, dip it in chocolate and make them guess what it is.  Kids would love this.  Hey, is that a vegetable?  No no sweetie.  It’s chocolate.

Anyway, have fun.  That’s the bottom line.  Good luck!

* seriously! who doesn’t?  It’ll be hard to explain, but I may do that anyway …

Jen Petty Mann


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