September 21, 2018

Letter to the Editor: Old Lyme Needs a Change of Leadership

To the Editor:

I have been approached over the last three months by people inquiring about our town RTC support for Jude Read and Chris Kerr for our selectmen, two excellent people with a long history of civic service.  I have had the pleasure to serve with both on the Board of Finance, and I have very strong respect for their management abilities and their independent thinking.  We will need both here in Old Lyme as we continue to navigate large town issues.

In the last four years, we have had such major items as sewers, control of health services, unsatisfactory police service, and blighted properties in need of improvement.  In each of these cases, we still need long-term solutions, after several years.  Many solutions proposed involve loss of local control of what seem to be fundamentally local responsibilities for a town our size.

Jude and Chris each have successful small business experience.  Their skills equip them well for the change in leadership needed to reduce nonessential initiatives or grant-driven work and focus on projects identified as priorities by the Old Lyme voters.  I urge voters to join me in voting November 7th for Jude and Chris!


J. David Kelsey,
Old Lyme.

Editor’s Note: The author is the chair of the Old Lyme Republican Town Committee.


Letterto the Editor: Lanier Has Extensive Political Experience, Unlike Opponent Carney

To the Editor:

Republicans have a choice August 12th, between an experienced, accomplished representative in Vicki Lanier, and a professionally and politically inexperienced option in Devin Carney.  Hartford is not the place for the most basic civic training in an important job as our state representative.

Ms. Lanier is a successful family law and business advocate, among other duties working extensively with state agencies to support her clients’ interest.  She knows the problems of government directly. Mr. Carney has limited professional experience from which to draw, and though a stated realtor in his literature, let his real estate license lapse in May after less than one year.

Mr. Carney has no elected or even volunteer experience at any level of government.  Vicki was elected to the Lyme-Old Lyme Board of Education, and served as its treasurer for two years.  She is active in her community, both civically and as a volunteer.  I have had the honor of serving with her on our Republican Town Committee, where she gave her time and talents generously as the secretary and the chairwoman of our Nominating Committee.

Important to Republican primary voters, according to the Connecticut Voter Registration System, Mr. Carney was a Democrat as recently as 2010.  Lanier has been a long-time Republican, serving on the Old Lyme Republican Town Committee faithfully since 2007 and elected as its secretary.

Experience matters in an effective state representative.  I have worked closely with Vicki, and I know how capable and professional she is.  I strongly endorse Vicki Lanier– she is the absolute best candidate for our District, and she deserves Republicans’ votes in the primary.


J. David Kelsey
Old Lyme