October 1, 2022

Property Transfers in Old Lyme: 2007

The following transactions are listed by conveyance date, with the most recent at the top of the list.

12-28  32 Grandview Ave: Kings Oak Ridge Farm LLC of East Haddam to Doreen Day, trustee, of Old Saybrook, $55,000

12-27   8 Knutson Rd: Peter R. and Phyllis N. Knutson of Preston, Conn., to Cheryll-Ann Irwin of New London, $99,640
12-17   3 Deer Ridge: Christopher and Wendee Anstead of Memphis, Tenn., to Thomas Britt and Tracy Hall-Britt, $555,000
12-14   18 Homestead Circle: Daniel T. and Susan M. Labriola of Old Lyme to Richard J. Langle of Old Lyme, $230,000
12-03   9 Center Beach Ave: Estate of Helen May Hill to Thomas S. and Donna M, Peterson of Old Lyme, $243,300
(No date listed) 262 Mile Creek Rd: Jonathan Lizee and Stephanie Reichert of Killingworth, Conn., to Robert W, Scott of Mt, Vernon, NY, $365,000
11-29  Lot 6, Wood Crest Estates: Kenwood LLC of Guilford, Conn. to Glance Builders, LLC OF Old Say brook, $ 175,000
11-28  7 Short Trail: Lindsey A. Latham of Norwich, to Reilly-Morton Enterprises, LLC of North Franklin, Conn., $ 108, 000
11-26 13 % interest 48 Browns Ln: H. Johnston of Old Lyme to Susanna Johnston (no town recorded) $38, 870
11-26  58 Connecticut Rd: 14 Kocamora. Rd: Philip R, Dunn of Rocky Hill, Conn., and. Diane L. Dunn to Christopher J. and Kimberly D. Kelleher of Simsbury, Conn., $525,000
11-26  305 Portland Ave: Frank Kohl of Old Saybrook to and Virginia Ellis-Golemba of
Long Meadow, Mass., $ 200, 000
11-21  246 Shore Rd: Russell A. Gomes Jr. of Old Lyme to John and Gairifalia of West Haven, Conn., $360, 000
11-21  20–29 Boughton Road: David H. Waldron of Old Lyme to James V. & Lisa Kegan of Old Lyme, $230,000
11-20  14 Ferry RoadEstate of Richard I. Pearce of Old Lyme to John T. Collins of Bronx, N.Y., $395,000
11-19  22 Hough Road: Shirley D. Tobin of Bristol, Conn. to 22 Hough Road, LLC of HaddamConn., $424,900
11-14  UnimprovedLand at 100 Shore Road: Clean Slate LLC, no town listed, to 100 Shore Road, LLC of Old Lyme, $640,000
11-09  18 Brightwater Road: George C. & Linda C. Knightly of Southington, Conn. to Brian E. and Mary E. Miner of Fairfield, Conn., $695,000
11-05  28 Sea Spray Road: Timothy J. Horan and Nicholas J. Horan, Jr. of East Granby, Conn. to John J. & Irene C. Rynecki of Asharoken, N.Y., $515,000
11-01  2 Johnnycake Hill Road: James and Andrea Fishman of New York, N.Y. to Eric L. & Monique L. Foster of New York, N.Y., $977,500

10-31 12 Grandview Avenue: Robert L. Day Co., Inc. of Old Saybrook, Conn. to James and Veronica M. Montanez of Groton, Conn., $396,000

10-25 Land on Boston Post Road:  Margret Kus of Old Lyme to Short Hills Properties LLC of Middletown, Conn., $40,000

10-22 22 Hillcrest Road: Elise M. Fetla of Glastonbury, Conn., to Michael J. and Kathy B. Mylquin of South Glastonbury, Conn., $340,00010-22

10-18 20 Lord’s Meadow Lane: Charles A. & Alison S. Ritrovato of Old Lyme to Christopher J. & Mary Voegeli, no town listed, $720,000

10-18 20 Hefflon Farm Road: Patricia Vujs of South Windsor, Conn., to Keith & Janice Bilodeau, no town listed, $436,000

10-17 11 Billow Road: Andrew Price Cerasole of Rochester, N.Y., to Robert B. Price, no town listed, $100,0000

1-02  1 Lincoln Road:  Patricia Park of Waterford to Vincent and Carol Ann Sallerno of Bedford, N.Y., $460,000

10-16 3 Walnut Road: Gregory & Nancy Schaller of Berlin, Conn., to Sandra Tulius of Durham, Conn., $500,000

10-15 4 Walnut Road: Sandra L. Tulius of Durham, Conn., to Karen S. Sullivan of Glastonbury, Conn., $405,000

10-10 19 Hefflon Farms Road: Francis J. Roth Jr. & Gail M. Roth of Fort Myers, Fla. to Joanna W. White of Westbrook, Conn., $368,000

10-10 8 McCurdy Road: Eric L. Foster of Old Lyme to James Lowery Jr. & Anita Lowery of Old Lyme, $844,000

10-09 41 West End Drive: Steven W. Buck of Manchester, Conn. to Paul Trinks of Harwinton, Conn., $245,000

10-09 35 & 39 West End Drive: Steven W. Buck of Manchester, Conn. to Michael Trinks of Harwinton, Conn., $180,000

10-09 139 Four Mile River Road: F/K/S Cendant Mobility Financial Corporation of Danbury, Conn. to Susan S. Gagnon of Somerspoint, NJ.

10-07 3 Victoria Lane: Francis W. Gorham of Niantic, Conn., to Raymond C. Cann III & Melanie L. Cann of Lyme, $355,000

10-05 2 Devitt Road: William R. Benner of Lyme to Christopher P. and Meghan Anderson of Keller, Tex., $395,000

10-05 11 Meetinghouse Lane: Lee A. and Gramme L. Dayton of Naples, Fla. to Marc & Melissa Lawrence-Apfelbaum of New York, NY, $3,050,000

10-03 220 Mile Creek Road: Patrick G. Pryor and Tracy A. MacKinley of Old Lyme to Joan Ryan of Old Lyme, $322,500

09-27 16 Mansewood Road: Marian H. Burr of Chester, Conn., to Robert G. Linde II and Joan L. Bozek of Old Lyme, $365,000

09-27 16 Mansewood Road: Peter S. Burr Trust of New Haven, Conn. to Robert G. Linde II and Joan L. Bozek of Old Lyme, $365,000

09-21 33 Smith Neck Road: Margaret Van Sicklen of New York, NY, to Matthew G. & Jaime C. Pallai  of New York, NY, $535,000

09-07  Unimproved land at 2 Brighton Rd.: Shawn D. and Alisa M Daigle of Glastonbury to Jeffrey J. Moore of Middletown, $145,000

09-07  34 Oak Ridge Dr.: Bart D. Foley and Rosemary A. Foley of Westbrook, to John C. Rovero and Caroline J. Masters, no town listed, $360,000

09-05  23 Rogers Lake Trail: Alexander J. Caldwell and Maria T. Caldwell of Miami, Fla., to Eric J. Kist, no town listed, $425,000

08-31  33 Hillside Road: Walter W. , Jr., and Sheila Dean of Thorn Hill, Tenn. to Martin J. Gatto and Jessica A. Seditg of Old Lyme, $285,000

08-31  51 Flat Rock Hill Road: Kenneth R. Tyler and Deborah A. Tyler of Old Lyme to Matthew J. and Katia Azzara of Dudley, Mass., $410,000

08-29  1 Littlefield Lane: Michael A. Milardo and Dorothy Milardo of Westbrook to Wei Tain and Jian Hao Shen of Old Lyme, $490,000

08-29  74 Mile Creek Road: Giulio and Betsy Maestro of Old Lyme to Lee Bowes and Peter Cove of New York, N.Y., $690,000

08-28  19-1 Matson Ridge: Thomas V. Hewitt and Louisa M. Hewitt of Old Lyme to Kenneth R. and Deborah A. Tyler of Old Lyme, $740,000

08-28  67 Whippoorwill Road: John F. and Sharon F. Harrington of Old Lyme to Dale P. Athanas, no town listed, $365,000

08-24  72 Sea View Road: Austin L. Sedicum, Jr. and Tranquilla M. Sedicum of Scotland, Conn., to David S. and Yukari Kimbarra –Richard of Old Lyme, $1,198,000

08-24 7 Mill Pond Lane: Penelope Dixon Randolph, and Courtlandt P. Dixon, co-trustees of Penelope H. Dixon, to John and Daryl Hornby of Old Lyme, $900,000

08-24  49 Jericho Drive: Angelo Melillo of Old Lyme to Dominick and Carmenza Melillo of Old Lyme, $40,000

08-24  7 Maywood Drive: Craig R. Buggeln and Carol B. Buggeln of Niantic to Thomas V. and Louisa M. Hewitt of Old Lyme, $642,500

08-22  8 Old Shore Road: Austin and Elizabeth Wilmerding of Pullman, W.Va., to Old Shore LLC of Savannah, Ga., $400,000

08-21 7 Sill Lane: Prudential Relocation Inc. of Scottsdale Ariz. to Joseph J. and Kir S. Drummond of Old Lyme, $750,500

08-20 23 Corsino Avenue: Steven T. Miles and Cynthia M. Miles of Uncasville, Conn. to Stephen Bakum of Middletown, Conn., $465,000

08-17  5 Short Hills Road: Kip and Holly Wills Kotzan of Old Lyme to Matthew Barrett and Beth Hamilton of Hartford, Conn., $415,000

08-17  36 Center Beach Avenue: Vincent James and Mary S. Calvo , no town listed, to Denis A. and Claudette J. Girard of Middlebury, Conn., $300,000

08-16  30 Portland Avenue, Unit 2: Christopher P. Calvanese of Plantsville, Conn. to Sara E. Mayo of Southington, Conn., $275,000

08-16  7-1A Lyme Street: 457-479 Park Ave. Holdings, LLC of Oakdale, Conn. to Carolyn M. McCarthy of Old Lyme, $210,000

08-15  2 Mill Pond Lane: E. G. Degerenday, Part C Revocable Trust of Old Lyme to Patricia H. Smith of Old Saybrook, $670,000

08-15 1 Smith Neck Road: Richard L. and Rosalind V. Hinman of New Haven, Conn. to Kip and Holly Kotzan of Old Lyme, $635,000

08-15  51 Rogers Lake Trail: David Bikerman of Old Lyme to Renee D. Lee of Old Saybrook, $235,000

08-08  6 Wildwood Drive: Joseph F. Gouveia and Lilli A. Wolf-Gouveia of Durham, N.C. to Gary Ryer and Nancy Jean Smith of Old Lyme, $421,000

08-06  8 Hemlock Circle: Dena O’Connor, trustee, of  Bristol, Conn.  to Cornelius and Antoinette O’Connor of Old Lyme, $190,000

08-07  74 Hillcrest Road: Fernando Pinto and Pamela Pinto-Souey of Old Lyme to L.P. Moyne of Bayville, New York, $510,000

08-03 35 Whippoorwill Road: Alice Lynch of Niantic to Kathryn A. Walsh of Old Lyme, $375,000

08-03 36 Pond Road, Unit 3: Kyle Champagne of Columbia, Conn., to Scott Anthony of Amston, Conn., $535,000

08-01 11 Meadow Lane: Jeffery Gibson and Jonathan Clenney of Old Saybrook, Conn., to Michael W. and Allyson M. Presti of Milford, Conn., $295,000

08-01 89 Hillcrest Road: Edward P. and Kathleen Sullivan of South Lyme to JP 89 Hillcrest, LLC, of Old Lyme, $1,800,000

08-01 3 Gorton, 1 Gorton, and 217 Shore Road: Arthur and Judith Healey of Old Lyme to Morris Rischal of Middletown, Conn., $445,000

07-31 7 Mile Creek Road: Clinton M. and Beverley M. Ryon of Old Lyme to Brian J. and Lisa Grenier of Old Lyme, $186,000

07-31 83 Sill Lane: Susan Gould-Knirsch of Old Saybrook  to Thom E. and Justine G. Lavoie of East Hampton, Conn., $400,000

07-31 24 Oakridge Drive: Dominick D. and Beverly A. Cappella of Old Lyme to Daryl J. Butzer of Branford, Conn., $440,000

07-31 2 Briar Hill Drive: Family Designs, LLC of Madison, Conn., to Mark R. and Michelle A. Bussolotti of Old Lyme, $549,900

07-30 19 Coult Lane: Christopher C. and Deborah B. Pardue to Walter H. Jr. and Eleanor M. Hufford of Wallkill, NY, $485,000

07-27 45 Buttonball Road: Charles S. Howard Jr., Executor of the estate of Charles S. Howard of Waterford, Conn., to Black Hall Golf Club, Inc. of Old Lyme, $280,000

07-26 73 Grassy Hill Road: Thomas and David Knowles, Trustees, of Old Lyme to Bruce and Tammy Noyes of Old Lyme, $215,000

07-25 37 Old Stagecoach Road: Tammy A. Stearns of Old Lyme to Raymond A. and Maria H. Belval of Groton, Conn., $330,000

07-24 10 Howard Road: Estate of Estelle G. Karasiewicz, Wanda J. Horvath, Executor, of New Britain, Conn., to Stephen J. and Carol A. Leoneti of Woodbury, Conn., $390,000

07-24 10 Apple Tree Drive: David M. Brown of Lyme to Christopher D. Brown and Cornela C. Doak of Deep River, Conn., $296,000

07-18 12 Old Stagecoach Road: Donald Frederick Jay Jr., Trustee, and Martha Popenoe Jay, Trustee, of Old Lyme to Roy S. and Olga G. Clemmer of Ypsilanti, Mich., $555,000

07-16 7 Tisbury Road: Linda Giard of Sebastian, Fla., to Jared R. and Darcy K. Patch of Rockville, MD, $376,000


07-13 11 Lone Pine Trail: Linda D. Amadeo of Manchester to Daniel Melendez of Old Lyme, $260,000

07-10 41 Breen Avenue: Daniel K. Juliari of Wethersfield, CT, to Howard ad Shirley Dickstein of Vernon, CT, $575,000

07-10 9 Champion Lane: Leah I. Scibelli of Springfield, Mass. To Pollio Family Trust, Christine Pollio, Trustee, of West Hartford, CT, $625,000

07-06 10 Tamiami Trail: Kelly Reed of Old Lyme to Kristin L. Kennedy of Deep River, CT, $267,000

07-03 6 Pond Road, Unit 1: Patricia A. Phillipp of Newtown, CT, to Christopher P. Calvanese of Plantsville, CT, $675,000

07-02 17 Hefflon Farm Road: Stephen B. Spear of Topsham, Maine, to Dean M. and Adrienne H. Williams, $380,000

07-02 24 McCurdy Road: Sally Merry-Willis of East Haddam, CT, to Richard and Mary Miller of Old Lyme, $385,000

07-02 3 Coult Lane: Patrick R. Mulready of Glastonbury, CT, to Nicholas and Tracey P. Boone of Ann Arbor, Mich., $435,000

07-02 9 White Oak Trail: Michael D. Sturgis Jr. of Grand Isle, CT, and Kimberly Arsenault of Voluntown, CT, to Marc Roseman of Niantic, CT, $265,000

07-02 13 Beechwood Lane: Joel D. Spineti of Old Lyme to Edward F. Gates and Paul M. Noury of New Britain, CT, $410,000

07-02 310 Hartford Avenue: Koreen Vann of Bloomfield, CT, to James T. and Noreen F. Foley of Sprague, CT, $182,500

06-29 8 Massachusetts Road: Richard H. Miller of Old Lyme to Mario J. and Joyce M. Ciampi of Old Lyme, $485,000

06-29  12 Cord Grass Lane: Michael P. Lech of Old Lyme to Brian W. Corrigan and Joan M. Rivington of Ann Arbor, Mich., $685,000

06-28  46-4 & -8 Sill Lane:  The Pearce Family LLC of Madison to Christine Kitchings of Old Lyme, $2,500,000

06-28   1 Village Lane:  P.N. DiPinto Builders LLC of Berlin, CT, to Gerard and Margeaux Antonino of Waterford, CT, $879,000

06-27  7 Town Landing Road: Estate of Harriet N. Jones (Deutsche Bank Trust Co.) NY, to Aqua Belle LLC, Bolton, CT, $1,349,900

06-27  5 Massachusetts Road: Mario J. Ciampi of Wethersfield, CT, to James M. and Catherine Webster of Glastonbury CT, $417,000

06-27  51-1 Mile Creek Road: Dean Williams of Old Lyme to Thomas P. Bojko of Old Lyme, $460,000

06-25   40 Flager Avenue: Filomena D. Alves of Stonington, CT, to Kristin E. and William Dunnirume, no town listed, $305,000

06-18  9 Hartung Place: Diane Sgro (Trustee for Mary Sgro) of Vernon, CT, to Donald and Megan Dubaldo of Manchester, CT, $1,125,000

06-18  21 Coult Lane: Stephanie M. Kufel of Old Lyme to Renaud and Suzette Bolduc of Old Lyme, $375,000

06-18  Unimproved Land at 43-2 Saunders Hollow Road: Eugene Schiavone of Old Saybrook, CT, to Douglas W. and Patricia G. Wright of South Glastonbury, CT, $265,000

06-17  30 Sunset Drive: James Montanez of Old Lyme to Kenneth C. Sked Jr. and Elizabeth Sked of Norwich, CT, $315,000

06-13  ½ Interest-151 Mile Creek Road: Bruce Sawyer of Glastonbury to Stephen C. Hock and Heather L. Romagna of Old Lyme, $171,250

06-13  ½ Interest-151 Mile Creek Road: David Muller or Waltham, Mass. to Stephen C Hock and Heather L. Romagna of Old Lyme, $171,250

06-12  41 Mile Creek Road: Dale Nicholson of Old Lyme to Judith E. Tallman and William L Machol of Chester, CT, $325,000

06-12  1 Millers Way: Leslie Comerford of Old Lyme to Kurt J. and Rebecca F. Speckhals of Northville, Mich, $645,000

06-11  321 Mile Creek Road: Ron E. and Ellen M. Tyler of Old Lyme to Edward J. and Shirley Forer of New York, NY, $387,000

06-08  16 Grassy Hill Road: William R. Watson of Fairfield, CT, to Anne Simpkinson of New York, NY, $275,000

06-05  43 Rogers Lake Trail: H. Oefinger of Old Lyme to Anne E. Cooks and Patricia Dean of Norwich, CT, $360,000

06-01  24 Hatchetts Hill Road: Michael and Helen Boudreau of Old Lyme to Prudential Relocation Inc. of Scottsdale, AZ, $497,000

06-01  24 Hatchetts Hill Road: Prudential Relocation Inc. of Scottsdale, AZ, to Suzanne M. and Mark Spina of Old Lyme, $497,000

06-01  5 Ledgewood Drive:  James E. Ballard of Old Lyme to James J. Moser of New London, $434,900

06-01  65 Boston Post Road:  Donna J. Carlson Executrix of the Will of Robert W. Johnson of Oakdale to Sally A. Petruzzello of Old Saybrook, $330,000

05-31  80 Rogers Lake Trail:  Marilyn R. Getman of Lyme to John and Heather Gage of Cromwell, $279,000

05-31  5 Bittersweet Lane:  Mark N. Spina of Old Lyme to Richard R. Goulding and Beth A. Goulding of Springfield, Mass., $675,000

05-31  11 Massachusetts Road:  Estate of Florence A. Metcalfe, Richard E. and Bruce D. Metcalfe Co-Executors, of West Hartford to Richard E. Metcalfe and others of Farmington, $325,000

05-31  1 Sill Lane:  Marguerite A. Noyes of Westerly, R.I., to Susan Duncan and David Duncan of Madison, $825,000

05-30  15 Corsino Avenue:  Joseph A. Licitra Jr. of Glastonbury to Mark N. and Dolores M. Carlone of Kensington, $285,000

05-25  4 Marion Road:  William R. Woodruff Jr. of Niantic to Michael J. Tomporowski and Erin J. McKenna of Old Lyme, $242,500

05-22  8 Duck River Lane:  Sarah Tod Smith Executrix of the Last Will and Testament of John Lohmann of New York City, N.Y., to Keith E. Czarnecki and Deborah P. Czarnecki of Durham, $700,000

05-21  6 Village Lane:  P.N. DiPinto Builders LLC of Berlin to Jean D. Caserta of Bridgeport, $1,200,000

05-20  Lots 39 & 40 Rogers Lake Shores:  Albert T. Girard of Farmington to Ronald L. Girard of Southwick, Mass., $45,000

05-17  54 Sea Spray Road:  Frank B. Baiata of Glen Cove, N.Y., to Thomas E. Lally and Anne L. Lally of East Granby, $610,000

05-16  28-1 Short Hills Road:  William T. Elliott of Hadlyme to Doreen Saunders of Old Lyme, unimproved land, $5,000

05-16  62 Grassy Hill Road:  Francis J. Purdue of Old Lyme to Anthony Constantinou of Killingworth, $756,250

05-16  31 McCurdy Road (1/2 interest):  Michael Rotolo Executor of Estate of Cathryn Sabo Rotolo of Warren, N.J., to Old Lyme Country Club Inc. of Old Lyme, unimproved land, $116,250

05-15  8-1 Sill Lane:  Roderick C. McNeil III of Easton to Peter C. and Denise G. Dowling, no town listed, $2,170,000

05-11  4 Hillwood Road East:  Michele W. Schavoir of Essex to Vincent S. Agostine of Old Lyme, $470,000

05-08  66 Hartford Avenue:  Pauline B. Rocco of Plainville to Raymond M. Kastner and Sandra L. Kastner of Southington, $400,000

05-08  30 Portland Avenue:  Joseph V. Miano of Port Richey, Fla., to Christopher P. Calvanese of Plantsville, $350,000

05-08  14 Ferry Road Unit C-2:  Estate of Helen W. McNeil of Old Lyme to George Carey and Ormsby H. Matthiessen of Old Lyme, $370,000

05-02  18 Sunset Drive:  Ernesto Pazalan a/k/a Panzalan of Uncasville to Tegan Wheeler of Salem, $325,000

05-01  17 Tisbury Road:  Erik R. Tyrol of Old Lyme to Katia and Christopher M. Kingston of Old Lyme, $337,000

05-01  17 Ferry Road:  Nicholas J. Haskos of Old Lyme to Stanley J. Krieg and Diane Schumaker-Krieg of New York City, N.Y., $1,150,000

04-30  18 Springfield Road:  18 Springfield Road LLC of Naples, Fla., to Brett J. and Amy J. Goodwin of Ridgefield, $417,500

04-30  28-2 & 28-3 Short Hills Road:  Peter L. Filosi of Bethel to Old Lyme Conservation Trust Inc. of Old Lyme, unimproved land, $75,000

04-30  90 Flat Rock Hill Road:  SJE Development LLC of Old Lyme to Jennifer Vogel of Guilford, $393,000

04-27  7 Talcott Farm Road:  Elizabeth J. Wilkie of Old Lyme to Esilla B. and John T. Shinkle of New York City, N.Y., $965,000

04-25  1 Huntley Road & Davis Road:  Gail C. Docktor Trustee of Davis Pond Tract Limited Partnership to Huntley and Halls LLC of Old Saybrook, $350,000

04-18  8 Littlefield Lane:  Estate of John C. von Koschembahr of Monroe to Gregg T. Landry and Lori-Rae Landry of Old Lyme, $425,000

04-09  12 Sandpiper Point Road:  Patricia C. Saltsman Executrix of Estate of Charles M. Saltsman of Old Lyme to William K. Dunbar III and Julie A. Dunbar of Mantoloking, N.J., $1,150,000

04-04  20 Grassy Hill Road:  David J. Cooksley of Old Lyme to Bedri Babasuli of Old Lyme, $275,000

04-04  2 Riverdale Landing:  Tara Barros of Old Saybrook to George Surface of Westbrook, $482,000

04-02  9 Oakridge Drive:  Thomas R. Acevedo of Polson, Mt., to Robert and Mary Schecter of Marietta, Ga., $500,000

04-02  203-1 Shore Road:  Sharon Sumner of Westbrook to Richard Papallo of Old Lyme, $420,000

03-30  1 Parsons Farm Lane:  Margaret M. Sharon of Old Saybrook to Paul and Maureen Nelson of Westbrook, $499,000

03-30  6 Neck Road:  Betty-Ann Bowen and Kenneth R. Bowen of Ocean Springs, Ms., to Jeffrey T. and Julie M. Clarke of Old Lyme, $717,000

03-29  312 Hartford Avenue:  Deutsche Bank Trust Company of San Diego, Calif., to Scott Hozebin of Old Lyme, $190,000

03-28  1 Columbus Avenue:  Theresa A. Hoagland of Old Lyme to Christopher J. and Michelle W. Swenson of Suffield, $250,000

03-26  11 Center Beach Avenue:  Alfred Ferraro of Yonkers, N.Y., to James Ferraro of Yonkers, N.Y., $220,000

03-23  10 Sands Drive:  Susan B. Fontanella a/k/a Susan Biella of Lyme to Richard H. and Donna F. Larsen Jr. of Old Saybrook, $247,000

03-23  11 Lady Slipper Lane:  Claudia J. Newell of Old Saybrook to The ACM Abrams Limited Partnership of Ardsley, N.Y., $675,000

03-22  10 Squire Hill:  Eugene A. Lynch of Lyme to Rong Wang and Jian-Ming Huang of Old Lyme, $560,000

03-22  Lots 280-283 Caulkins Road:  Howard S. Tooker and Judith Tooker of Old Lyme to Janet M. Campbell of Old Lyme, $155,000

03-21  41 Hawks Nest Road:  Michael J. Noe of Farmington to Richard J. Gordon and Dina C. Gordon of Cromwell, $275,000

03-20  2 Millers Way:  Robin F. Underhill of Plano, Tex., to William M. and Kathleen Charles Jr. of Old Lyme, $640,000 

03-19  64 Hillcrest Road:  Janet S. Gworek Trustee of Sanibel, Fla., to Henry Elsesser of Brooklyn, N.Y., $350,000

03-19  16 Hefflon Farm Road:  James R. Grantham of Jupiter, Fla., to Peter J. and Michelle L. Bass of Waterford, $436,000

03-16  9-1 Osprey Road:  Nancy L. Griswold of Verona, Pa., to Old Lyme Conservation Trust of Old Inc. of Old Lyme, unimproved land, $45,000

03-16  116-1 Four Mile River Road:  Nancy L. Griswold of Verna, Pa., to Old Lyme Conservation Trust Inc. of Old Lyme, unimproved land, $57,502.50

03-15  9 Tantummaheag Road:  George M. Perry of Bonita Springs, Fla., to Geoffrey Rich and Koni Rich of New York, N.Y., $800,000

03-08  11 Meadow Lane:  Priscilla Wells Administrator of Estate of Evelyn Walker of Old Lyme to Jeffrey Gibson and Jonathan Glenney of Old Saybrook, $220,000

03-07  2 Seaside Lane:  Lynn R. Fichman of Farmington to Mark and Deborah McWhirter of Westport, $2,100,000

03-05  7 Victoria Lane:  D. Steven Bosio of Grand Rapids, Mich., to Andrew B. Hudson and Sousan Arafeh of Washington, D.C., $355,000

03-02  15 Tantummaheag Road: Marguerite Mangin of Old Lyme to Mark and Sarah Johnston of Pelham, N.Y., $3,825,000

03-02  8 Gorton Avenue:  Francis P. Galley Trustee of Francis P. Galley Revocable Trust of Uncasville to Joseph M. Frutuoso of Wethersfield, $326,000

03-01  60-1 Neck Road:  Olyme Limited of British West Indies to Elizabeth J. Wilkie of Old Lyme, $1,500,024

03-01  8 Town Woods Road:  Aegis Mortgage Corporation of Houston, Tex., to Paul and Marilyn Ostriher of Manchester, Vt., unimproved land, $244,500

03-01  5 Chadwick Drive:  Clement A. Poulin of Apache Junction, Ariz., to John and Arlene M. Morrison of Old Lyme, $360,000

03-01  10 Hillwood East:  John Dirks Trustee of Mystic to Justine M. Fugeri, no town listed, $400,000

02-28  27 Sea View Road:  Peter Prete of West Hartford to Paul S. and Shawn E. Hartan and Donald C. and Maria D. Eiler of Hebron and Portland, $320,000

02-27  9 Beechwood Lane:  Edwin O. Jantz of Southbury to Athanasios and Diana L.  Paillas of Kensington, $365,000

02-27  22 Portland Avenue:  Athanasios Paillas of Kensington to Michael E. Paillas of Kensington, $150,000

02-26  8 Town Woods Road:  Michael and Andrea Spragg of Waterford to Aegis Mortgage Corporation of Oklahoma City, Ok., $271,356.97

02-23  7 Sea View Road:  James Edward Belanger of Manchester to Wayne A. and Aimee Marie Ashton Sr. of Old Lyme, $485,000

02-20  18-1 Dunns Lane:  Joyce T. Walker of Old Saybrook to Christopher W. Kerr of Old Lyme, unimproved land, $34,041.67

02-15  3 Shore Drive:  Karen A. Foley of Old Lyme to Theodore Kearns of Guilford, $530,000

02-09  148 Boston Post Road:  John Morrison of Old Lyme to Keith and Jennifer Thomassen of Mystic, $265,900

02-07  221 Mile Creek Road:  Patricia A. Cromarty of Old Lyme to Janice H. Culhane of Bethel, $310,000

02-06  4 Champlain Drive:  Robert J. Regan Executor of Oddny T. Regan Estate of Old Lyme to Emily A. Bruno of Rocky Hill, $305,000

01-31  248 Mile Creek Road:  Peter C. Moran of Southbury to Jeffrey S. and Carol Parker Sprankle of Southbury, $435,000

01-31  10 Whitman Lane:  Raghavendra R. Paturi of Groton to Noah A. Legein and Carrie A. Legein of Mendham, N.J., $430,000

01-30  6 Otter Rock Road:  GRC Associates Realty Partnership of Woodbridge to Thomas J. Bohinc and Brenda L. Bohinc of Old Lyme, unimproved land, $154,000

01-26  41 Swan Avenue:  Heather R. Slater of Old Lyme to Michael J. and Dolores A. Falzarano of West Simsbury, $240,000

01-19  159 Boston Post Road:  Dollard J. Cote of Old Lyme to PIWO Group LLC of Old Lyme, non-residential other than unimproved land, $430,000

01-17  22 Lyme Street:  Church of Christ the King Inc. of Old Lyme to Leroy and Michele Giordano Mergy of New Canaan, $470,000

01-17  30 Lyme Street:  Church of Christ the King Inc. of Old Lyme to Leroy and Michele Giordano Mergy of New Canaan, $560,000

01-16   11 Halls Road:  Dolores Fox of Quaker Hill to Graybill Properties LLC of Old Lyme, non-residential property other than unimproved land, $800,000

01-16  303 Canty Lane:  Joseph Anthony Porvello Jr. of Niantic to Michael Eagan of West Hartford, $265,000

01-12  18 Bailey Road:  Harold F. Reed of Essex to George James Byron Jr. of North Haven, $310,000

01-11  7 Massachusetts Road:  Jeffrey J. Kerley Trustee of Gulfport, Fla., to Wayne and Sharyn Wallace of Union, S.C., $485,000

01-05  12 Joyce Road:  Marsha E. MacDonald of Maitland, Fla., to Matthew E. MacDonald Trustee of Old Lyme, unimproved land, $10,000

01-05  75 Sea Spray Road:  Carl Rohrbach Jr. of Somers to Carl B. and Tina J. DeLeo of Wethersfield, $700,000

01-03  56 Meriden Road:  James J. Delano of Westbrook to Mark S. Arnold and Lisa B. Gross of East Granby, $450,000


01-02  9 Victoria Lane:  Jacquelyn Rohrberg of Old Lyme to Loretta J. Gagne of Old Lyme, $288,000