October 1, 2022

Property Transfers in Lyme 2013

07/29 307 Grassy Hill Rd. The Harold Goodwin Revocable Trust, Barbara E. Goodwin  and Georgiana Goodwin trustees of Lyme to Samuel J. and Michelle C. Yates of Lyme, $395,000

07/05 64 Ferry Rd. Joseph J. and Joyceann Greene of Woodside, NY, to Debra Schnidt Bach of Brooklyn, NY, $555,000

07/03 91 Cove Rd. Maureen O. Augusciak (Augusciak Living Trust) of Shoreline, WA to Mare and Amy J. Hadarik of Lyme, $1,350,000

06/28 Wintergreen Island Calvin F. and Jill O. Gladding of Chester to Parker Travis of Ivoryton, $20,000

06/10 0 Ferry Rd. (land only) Linda B. Ward (Eleanor M. Bartman) to Joan O. Holbrook of East Haddam, $22,500

06/04 31 Birch Hill Rd. Richard E. and Lou Susan Herman to Thomas P. Brown of Lyme, $705,000

05/31 484 Joshuatown Rd. Patricia F. Davidson of Lyme to Gregory W. Melville of Hadlyme, $1,475,000

05/31 5-1 River Rd. Michael A. and Melynda Guillet to Gregory J. and Aimee Brady of Old Lyme, $330,000

05/30 4 Clark Rd. Albert E. and Valerie M. Dittman of Waterford to John J. VaVoie of Lyme, $365,000

05/30 118 Bill Hill Rd. Donald W. Meinke of Brooklyn, N.Y., to Patricia F. Davidson of Lyme, $758,000

05/29 107 Ferry Rd. Donald N. Millerbernd of Lyme to Thomas P. and Wendy S. Miller of Lyme, $460,000

05/18 307 Joshuatown Rd. Robert M. Preissner of New York, N.Y., to Peter Meadow and Barbara Ruzansky of Lyme, $650,000

05/16 150 Joshuatown Rd. Charles C. Taylor to Christine B. Platt, trustee of the Christine B. Platt Revocable Living Trust,  $1,750,000

05/16 Grassy Hill Rd. (Lot) Estate of William Uberkirk to Mark and Nancy Strempel of Deep River, Conn., $145,000

05/03 9 Cove Rd. Pete and Jane C. Adams of Lyme to Robert and Suzanne Murphy of Lyme, $422,500

04/26 121 Beaver Brook Rd. Daniel Elliot and Patricia Ann Larson of Amston to David McCoy of Hadlyme, $90,000

04/18 11 Oak St. Laureen G. Zelek of Old Lyme to Steven F. and Elizabeth A. Burnham, $345,000

04/18 482 Grassy Hill Rd. and 273 Beaver Brook Rd. Catharine Joan Anderson of Salem to Joshua D. and Rebecca E. Firgelewski of Old Lyme, $200,000

04/15 16 Baker Ln. David F. McCoy of Hadlyme to John E. Pfeiffer of Old Lyme, $520,000

04/15 0 Joshuatown Rd. John D. Karle III of East Haddam to Stephen B. and Andi P. Jacobs of New York, N.Y., $500,000

04/02 73 Bill Hill Rd. Leslie B. Cone Jr. of Lyme to Benjamin M. Cooley and Alexandra Lieberman of Lyme, $315,000

03/27 Land off Rte. 82 and Honey Hill Rd. Parker H. and Diana R. Lord of Hadlyme to Lyme Land Conservation Trust of Old Lyme, $513,875

03/25  11 Cove Rd.  Robert D. and Suzanne A. Murphy of Lyme to Dolores Williams of Bridgewater, Del., $600,000

03/22  5 Mount Archer Rd.  Bruce M. Abraham of Old Lyme to Mitchell A. and Jessica Francis Kane of NY, N.Y., $375,000

03/12  47 Cove Rd.  Frederick B. Jr. and Linnie L. Pickering, 2 Laurel Road, Stamford James A. Shea, 47 Cove Rd., Lyme, $1,600,000

03/08  283 Joshuatown Rd. Lori Caine to John M. Colton of Old Lyme and Beverly J. Picazio, $655,000 (foreclosure by sale)

03/05 446 Hamburg Rd. (aka Rte. 156) Arnold A. Jordan of Omaha, Neb., to Brian Abely and Charleen B. Abely, $605,000

02/04  52 Sterling City Rd.  Todd W. and Deborah C. Abrahamsson of Westbrook to Diana Charnok of Lyme, $725,000

01/29  Rear of 26 Honey Hill Rd. Parker H. and Diana R. Lord of Hadlyme to Dwayne Paul and Patsy A. Turner, $4,000

01/31  183-5 Joshuatown Rd.  Kevin Paul and Insuk E. Hainsworth to Alfred J. Kobacker, $910,000

01/22  34 Tantumorantom Road Estate of Britton Chance, Jr., c/o Tamsin Blao, administrator of Santa Fe, N.M., to 34 Tantumorantom LLC, c/o Julia Wilcox Rathkey of Old Lyme, $300,000