August 19, 2022

Property Transactions in Lyme 2011

7/25  30 Sterling City Rd., Cristina Schimert Lasko, Co-Trustee of the Paul S. Schimert Revocable Living Trust of Highland Park, Ill., and Cornelia Schimert, Co-Trustee of the Paul S. Schimert Revocable Living Trust of Yorktown Heights, N.Y., to Donald Adams McEwen, Jr., and Gina Marino, $399,000

7/15  120 Blood St., Arthur F. and Janet M. Soares of Tucson, Ariz., to Samuel Quigley, $397,600

7/13  272 Grassy Hill Rd., Rene Brouillard of Branford, Conn., to Legacy I, LLC, of East Lyme, Conn., $1,100,000

6/24  2 Old Stone Post Rd., James C. Griffin and Kaye H. Griffin of East Haddam to Andrew J. & Diane Kaslow, $1,600,000

6/20  135 Blood St., Walter H. Bush & Elizabeth L. Buch to George W. Whelen IV , $720,000

5/18  59 Joshua Ln., Frederick J. Platt III & Christine B. Platt to George W. and Jessica M Whelen, $3,625,000

5/5  111 Sterling City Rd., John W. Hostnik, Jr., of Chesterfield, Mo., to Patricia A. Connelly & William H. Martin, $715,000

4/21  177 Joshuatown Rd., William Milewski and Maura Ann Gray to Allyson Spurling, $342,000

4/12  36 Honey Hill Rd., Donald Hirth and Betty Hirth of Lebanon, Conn., to Gregory R. Standish, $289,800

3/31  20 Honey Hill Rd., Scot D. Thing and Darcy L. Thing of Parrish, Fla., to John M Driscoll III and Judy M. Driscoll, $290,000

3/11  27 Brockway Ferry Rd., William Alexander Lieber Trustee and Carolyn Danforth Lieber Trustee to Thomas E. Angers of Ridgefield, $1,080,000

2/23  18 Ferry Rd., Anthony W. Scinto and Pamela Scinto of Hadlyme, Conn., to Eric and Jerilyn Krisman, $1,680,000

2/4  482 Grassy Hill Rd. & 273 Beaver Brook Rd., Edward L. Firgelewski to Catherine Joan Andersen, $130,000

1/31  132 Tantomorantum Rd., Estate of Margaret M. Clucas of Greenwich, Conn., to William A. Lieber Trustee et al., $450,000

1/31  39 Bill Hill Rd., Phoebe E. Dey of Walpole, N.H., to Caryn E. Erickson, $605,000