May 17, 2022

Update on Those State-Funded COVID-19 Self-Tests

OLD LYME — Asked when Old Lyme residents might expect distribution of the COVID-19 tests promised at the start of the week by Connecticut Gov. Lamont and anticipated to be in resident’s hands by today, Old Lyme Emergency Department Director David Roberge gave an update in a phone call earlier today [Friday, Dec. 31.]

He said, “[Following Gov. Lamont’s announcement of a delay in the shipment of the tests from California,] we have not received any correspondence or communications from the state [regarding when the COVID-19 self-tests might be delivered to Old Lyme] as of 12:09 p.m. today [Dec.31.]”

He added, “We are fully prepared to respond with distribution [of the tests to Old Lyme residents] when we receive the product. We are just waiting for notification and will be ready for action.”

Roberge also committed to inform of any updates he receives from the state.

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