July 7, 2022

After 10 Years Service, Nosal Explains Her Decision Not to Seek Reelection to Old Lyme BOS; Will Run For Zoning Commission

“It has been a privilege to serve the residents of Old Lyme as a Selectwoman for the past 10 years.” (Mary Jo Nosal)

Old Lyme Selectwoman Mary Jo Nosal is not seeking reelection. (File photo)

OLD LYME — Mary Jo Nosal has served as Old Lyme Selectman for the past 10 years, but when the Old Lyme Democratic Town Committee (OL DTC) announced their slate of candidates for the upcoming November election, her name was against neither the position of Selectman nor First Selectman.

Asked by phone why that was the case, she said simply, “It’s time after 10 years for new ideas.”

She added, “It has been a privilege to serve the residents of Old Lyme as a Selectwoman [for that time.]”

Additionally in an e-mailed statement, Nosal said, “I chose not to run for the Board of Selectmen as I believe it is time for … other qualified individuals to serve.”
Commenting on the OL DTC’s selection of Martha Shoemaker  and Jim Lampos for the top spots, Nosal stated, “I support the exceptionally qualified and enthusiastic candidates endorsed by the OL DTC. Martha Shoemaker for First Selectman and Jim Lampos for the Board of Selectmen are experienced, eminently qualified and know Old Lyme. They will work hard for the community.”
Although not running for the board of selectmen, Nosal’s name is on the slate as a candidate for the Old Lyme Zoning Commission. Asked about that decision, she explained, “I am ready, if elected, to focus my energies on the Zoning Commission.”
Noting in her statement that there is, “Important work facing the Old Lyme Zoning Commission,” she said, “I believe my experience will bring value to the Zoning Commission.”



  1. Thomas D. and Christina J. Gotowka says

    We are not writing only to express our disappointment in Ms. Nosal’s decision, but to reflect on her tenure on Old Lyme’s BOS. She brought wisdom, common sense, and a strong sense of social justice to the team; and we will miss all that.
    Although governance and governing has become a rough and tumble profession, even within Old Lyme’s “friendly confines”, she was always able to “hold her own”, and present a well- reasoned position.
    We are pleased that she is seeking to maintain her commitment to public service, albeit in a new direction.
    We wish her “fair winds and following seas” in this new endeavor, and await the vision of the team of Ms. Shoemaker and Mr. Lampos, as they prepare for the November election.

  2. Old Lyme voter’s will decide if her performance as a selectman qualify her to make sound decisions involving land use issues that will be before the Zoning Commission in the near future. I would be concerned.

    • Thomas D. Gotowka says

      In response, I encourage all of Old Lyme, regardless of your political perspective, to remain “COVID cautious” and continue to avoid crowds, wear masks indoors, and observe those inter-personal distancing recommendations.

      • Paula Sadlon says

        I agree with the COVID warning. However, it is hardly “in response” to the very valid point and concern of Mr. Folland.

      • How is political perspective related to COVID safety? When Biden/Harris were elected they changed their view so from that day forward both parties agree that the vaccine is safe. So we’re united on at least one issue. All good.