September 17, 2021

USPS Carrier, Old Lyme Resident Parrack Receives OL Kindness Committee’s March Award

Heather Parrack is the recipient of Old Lyme’s Kindness Award for March.

OLD LYME — Based on an anonymous submission, the Town of Old Lyme Kindness Committee has selected Heather Parrack, an Old Lyme resident, for their March 2021 Kindness Award.

Heather is a USPS mail carrier with a route through Old Lyme. She makes special trips to the doors of elderly residents who are unable to walk to their mailboxes. She stops and picks up the newspaper for one particular elderly resident, and for another, she brings in her trash cans. As she goes throughout her day making her deliveries, she is always looking for ways to help.

She takes pride in her job and always gives people a smile and wave. While on maternity leave last year, she left a birthday gift for a resident turning 93 and visited with her through the door with her new baby because the resident had been isolated for so long due to the pandemic. 

She also looks out for the children on her route. Several love to see her truck go by and she makes sure to give them a wave. She even had small replicas of mail trucks that she gave out to some of the small children on her route during the holidays. Her nominator said, “She is the sweetest, most kind person, trying to make people feel cared for while delivering much needed gifts, household supplies, and essentials!”

When asked why she goes out of her way to spread cheer on her route Heather said, “I like to brighten people’s days and put a smile on their faces. There are still people in the community who have been so isolated due to COVID that I am often the only person they see. It’s important to me to help them feel less alone.”

Thank you for looking out for the Old Lyme community, Heather. Keep spreading kindness wherever you go!


  1. Daryl gencarella says

    Hi my name is Daryl I am Heather‘s uncle and she is a kind hearted wonderful person she is a very caring person and very understanding and sincere person she is my favorite niece of all which also happens to be my godchild I will always love her for the person she is I love her very dearly and deeply in my heart may God bless her and bless her for the wonderful kind hearted person she is

  2. Edie Roberts Main says

    Congratulations, Heather! Our family has been blessed to have you as our mail carrier. We appreciate your professionalism and efficiency in all weather, and we welcome your friendly manner and cheerful wave in passing. Your showed great kindness to our dad, Mervin Roberts, in his last years. Our little dog waits for hours for your arrival with her treat. Thanks for exemplifying kindness on the job.

  3. Christina Denison says

    Congratulations Heather! We’re happy to have you as our carrier too! Always a smile and a kind word. Truman and Willie wait for you every day; when they hear the truck, they rush out the door to get their treats!

  4. Judith Archer says

    Yes Heather is just the best!!! Such a caring person. Good choice to receive this award!

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