December 6, 2021

Letter to the Editor: Vote Rubino to Gain a Knowledgeable, Effective State Rep., Stop Trump’s Party Strengthening in CT

To the Editor:

The Hartford Courant recently reported, “As the Republican National Committee recruits a volunteer army to monitor voting machines, check voter IDs and possibly issue challenges in battleground states, the Connecticut GOP is actively growing its own Election Day operation. . .   Connecticut Republican Party chairman J.R. Romano wrote in an email to party members. ‘JOIN the EDO [Election Day Operation] Army For Trump NOW. . .’”

Donald Trump has made the Connecticut Republican Party his own.  On November 3 we will vote to fill the 23rd House District seat with either Republican Devin Carney or Democrat Dave Rubino.

Dave has practiced law for 24 years, most of that overseas addressing problems caused by bad government.  His office is in Old Lyme.  Dave’s values could not be more different from those of Trump’s GOP, and he would make an extremely effective state representative.  Dave’s career has enabled him to become expert at understanding the law, drafting it, and persuasively arguing his positions.

Dave sits on Old Lyme’s Economic Development Commission.  He is fully aware of our area’s economic condition and how the state can help us.  He will stand up for universal voting rights, a strong safety net, health care for all, racial justice, a reasonable minimum wage, student debt relief, affordable housing, and environmental reform.  Dave’s website–—provides more information.

If you don’t want Trump’s party to gain strength in Connecticut, please vote for Dave on November 3.


Bennett Bernblum,
Old Lyme

Editor’s Note: The author is a member of the Old Lyme Democratic Town Committee and the Old Lyme Board of Finance.

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