August 2, 2021

Isaias Moving Faster Than Expected, Impact Anticipated 1-8pm; All Old Lyme Public Beaches Closed Today

The projected track of Tropical Storm Isaias courtesy of The Weather Channel.

OLD LYME — Old Lyme First Selectman Timothy Griswold announced at yesterday evening’s board of selectmen’s meeting that, in light of the impending arrival of Tropical Storm Isaias, all public beaches in Old Lyme would be closed today, Tuesday, Aug. 4.

This decision was taken during a meeting Monday morning of representatives from the beaches and all the town’s emergency services. Another meeting will be held this morning to review the situation.

Griswold explained the closure, saying, “Tides are supposed to run two to three feet above normal” during the storm and, “As the waves start mounting, we don’t want to have to shoo everyone off the beach.”

Noting, “The territory on the east [of the storm] is expected to get more wind, less rain,” he added, “This is not a hurricane … We’re hoping it will be a wind event,” but still suggested “People should check their yards … and get their umbrellas down … and stay safe.”

Old Lyme Emergency Management reported at 6 a.m. this morning, “T.S. [Tropical Storm] Isaias is moving faster than expected and this has moved up the time of impact by 2 hours for our area … The most likely timing for the tropical storm force winds is now from 1:00 PM – 8:00 PM. The primary threat from Isaias will be from strong winds …”

Visit this link to read the most recent update from Old Lyme Emergency Management in full.

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