August 21, 2019

Cooling Center Open at Lymes’ Senior Center This Weekend; Important Reminders for Staying Cool from Old Lyme EMS

Some locals and folk from farther afield will likely try and cool off on White Sand Beach in Old Lyme during the current heatwave, but others can opt not to brave the heat this weekend by staying inside their homes or going to the Cooling Center at the Lymes’ Senior Center. File photo by Katie Reid.

Due to the extreme temperatures and humidity expected this coming weekend, the Towns of Lyme and Old Lyme are  opening the Lymes’ Senior Center at 26 Town Woods Rd. on Saturday and Sunday from 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. as a Cooling Center for individuals who would like to escape the excessive heat.

The air conditioned facility will offer water, light snacks, internet and TV.

People are urged to call the Emergency Management Call Center at 860-598-0120 with any questions.

In addition, the Lyme Hamburg Road firehouse may be opened as an additional cooling center should Lyme residents not be able to get to the senior center. Residents who need use of this facility should contact one of the following Emergency Management personnel and advise them of your need:

  • John Evans – 860-772-7272
  • Will Firgelewski – 860-391-3976

The Old Lyme Office of Emergency Management and the Centers for Disease Control and Protection (CDC) offer the following tips during extreme high temperatures:

Slow down, and avoid strenuous activity.

  • Wear lightweight, loose-fitting, light-colored clothing. Light colors will reflect heat and sunlight and help maintain normal body temperature. Protect your face with a wide-brimmed hat.

Drink plenty of water regularly and often, even if you don’t feel thirsty.

  • Limit intake of alcoholic beverages — they can dehydrate your body.
  • Eat well-balanced, light, regular meals.

Stay indoors as much as possible.

  • If you do not have air conditioning, stay on your lowest floor, out of the sun. Electric fans do not cool the air, but they do help evaporate sweat, which cools your body.

Go to a place where you can get relief from the heat, such as air-conditioned libraries, theaters, shopping malls, and other community facilities that may offer refuge during the warmest times of the day.

  • Cover windows that get morning or afternoon sun with drapes, shades, awnings or louvers. Outdoor awnings or louvers can reduce the heat that enters a home by up to 80 percent.
  • Avoid too much sunshine. Sunburn slows the skin’s ability to cool itself. If you are outside, use sunscreen with a high SPF (Sun Protection Factor) rating.
  • Never leave children or pets alone in a closed vehicle.
  • Do not leave pets outside for extended periods. Make sure pets have plenty of drinking water.

Check on family, friends, and neighbors regularly.

For more information, visit this link.


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