August 15, 2022

Letter to the Editor: Shoemaker, Lampos Will Play by Rules; Keep Public Informed; Solve Problems — Not Kick Them Down Road.

To the Editor:

Old Lyme needs a First Selectman who is transparent, accountable and gets things done.  Tim Griswold does not fit this bill, as recently illustrated.  The town’s Employee Handbook limits the vacation time that employees may carry over at year end.  Nevertheless, Mr. Griswold approved, on his own initiative, requests by a number of town employees to carry over time in excess of that allowed.  In addition, he offered two employees, but not others, the right to receive cash in lieu of some of their excess days.

It was not right for Mr. Griswold to take it upon himself to ignore policy and endorse disparate treatment among our employees–rather than take timely, proactive measures to handle the situation properly.  For months he had been urged to retain a professional human resources firm to assist with employee management matters, finally delegating this important task to his assistant rather than an appropriate committee.

Electing Martha Shoemaker as First Selectwoman and Jim Lampos as Selectman will assure that this sort of mismanagement does not occur in the future.  They will play by the rules, keep the public informed, and solve problems–not kick them down the road.  Please vote for them on Tuesday.


Rebecca Griffin,
Old Lyme.