June 17, 2021

May 24 COVID-19 Update: No New Cases in Either Town – Cumulative Case Totals Hold at 107 in Lyme, 342 in Old Lyme

LYME/OLD LYME —The Daily Data Report for Connecticut issued Monday, May 24, by the Connecticut Department of Public Health  (CT-DPH) for data as at 8:30 p.m. Sunday, May 23, shows that neither Lyme nor Old Lyme reported any new cases compared with the previous day.

Both towns held at their previous day’s cumulative case totals with Lyme at 107 and Old Lyme at 342.

This is the 11th reporting day in succession that there has been no change in the number of cumulative cases in Lyme and the fourth reporting day in succession for Old Lyme.

These Daily Reports are not issued by CT DPH on Saturdays or Sundays and therefore Monday’s data includes new cases from both weekend days.

The next new report will be issued in the afternoon of Tuesday, May 25.

Old Lyme –  No New Cases 

The May 24 Daily Data Report for Connecticut for data as at 8:30 p.m. Sunday, May 24, shows that Old Lyme has a cumulative total (since the outbreak began) of 331 confirmed COVID-19 cases and 11 probable casesmaking a TOTAL of 342 cases.

This represents NO CHANGE in the cumulative number of confirmed or probable cases compared with those reported May 20.

The total number of Old Lyme residents tested is 5,308, an increase of 17 over the May 21 number of 5,291.

Lyme – No Change in Cumulative Cases

Lyme has a cumulative total (since the outbreak began) of 99 confirmed cases and 8 probable cases, making a TOTAL of 107 cases.

This represents NO CHANGE in the cumulative number of confirmed or probable cases compared with those reported the previous day.

The total number of Lyme residents tested is 1,421, which represents an increase of four over the May 21 number of 1,417.

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