January 16, 2021

Letter to the Editor: Patience, Kindness of Old Lyme Postmaster, All OL Postal Workers Much Appreciated

To the Editor:

ā€œOnly Kindness Mattersā€ a popular song by Jewel, is the modus operandi of Jim Swimmer, our Postmaster of the Old Lyme Post Office. Over the years, I have witnessed his patient, kind, and personal attention as a problem solver, or just as a helpful Human Being.

December was a burdensome month for all forms of delivery due to the pandemic. There were often lineups of customers at the post office mailing packages to family and friends. Kudos to all the Old Lyme Postal Workers who handled the stream of objects coming to their counters ā€“ the packages piled up high behind the counters, which had to be sorted and started on to the next transit. Every worker was courteous and patient, and Iā€™m sure were working many more than 8 hours a day behind the scenes to keep it all moving.

Folks complained about packages that were not delivered or received in the time expected. Even Priority Mail packages and Express Mail packages were delayed. I observed and heard about several instances of parcels that were sometimes routed to the wrong post office on the way to final destination. Through it all, Patience and Kindness to all customers seemed to be the rule at the Old Lyme Post Office. Thank You to all our Postal Workers!


Patricia Shippee,
Old Lyme.



  1. Gloria Vincent says

    Unfortunately, I cannot personally agree with this complimentary letter above. I had to “investigate” to find deliveries that were missing of mine, and there were FIVE packages that were ‘in the back’ that were never given to me. No “Yellow Ticket” in my box, to alert us that we had packages to be picked up. Example: One was a “Cheryl’s Cookies” box that I ordered for my son, and I completely forgot about it. Another was a Christmas gift that I thought perhaps I thought I ordered, and didn’t. But NO, I DID order it. So five packages were there, in the back! I wouldn’t mind, as it IS a trying time, but there were NO yellow tickets given. Meaning: Package arrives, employee puts Yellow ticket in customer’s box. I was especially not happy about the box of cookies being there since mid-December; i.e., stale cookies. EVERYTHING was there since mid-December. Well, that is MY story. –Gloria Vincent

    • MaryLee Shaw says

      Accountability…”the quality or state of being accountable” (Merriam-Webster)

      Let’s start there…
      While I completely understand your frustration, things like this happen. Especially in this crazy and stressful Covid world we are living in. These people went to work every day knowing each and every one of those days were most likely going to be challenging. I’m sure you can appreciate that.

      Maybe going forward you might want to keep track of what you ordered as well..
      Most companies will send you an email with tracking info…that has always been very helpful for me

      Again…accountability..on everyone’s part

      I wish you a very Happy New Year

      MaryLee Shaw

  2. Ken Buttiner says

    Kudos to Pat Shippee for her expression of appreciation for our Old Lyme Postal workers. We all should have empathy for our local postal workers who work under today’s challenging environment. Please do not hold them accountable for systemic problems beyond their control. I would also like to express my appreciation for Steve for his polite and conscientious
    service to those of us who patronize the South Lyme Post Office.

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