January 21, 2021

Will There Be a Fireworks Display in Old Lyme This Year?

The Town of Old Lyme’s fireworks display traditionally rounds off the annual Midsummer Festival. Since the 2020 Midsummer Festival is cancelled, many are wondering whether there will still there be fireworks this year? File photo.

OLD LYME — At the Old Lyme Board of Selectmen’s June 15 meeting, Selectman Christopher Kerr asked whether the Town would be hosting the fireworks display that traditionally takes place on the Saturday evening of the Midsummer Festival, even though the Festival itself has been cancelled this year due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Griswold responded that he needed to reach Commissioner Lehman to discuss details of what might be permitted under the state’s reopening guidelines. Lehman is the Commissioner¬†of the¬†Connecticut Department of Economic and Community Development (DECD.)

Griswold mused as to whether the event could be held using “the same formula as the beach” with regard to social distancing. He said there would obviously be “no buses,” but, “if we could get clearance [from the state], we could space out.”

The three selectmen agreed after a brief discussion that the average turnout for the event was around 900.

Griswold concluded the discussion saying, “We are still entertaining the idea of still having it [the firework display.]”

Following on from that meeting, LymeLine asked Griswold on Friday whether any progress had been made towards a decision. He responded by text that information from the Governor’s office, “States that, as part of Phase 3, fireworks with proper separation may be held with no cap.” Griswold indicated that he believed that in this context, “cap” meant maximum capacity.

He ended his text saying, “I will poll the Selectmen and the Fire Marshal with a recommendation that the Town proceed with preparations for a Saturday, 25 July event with a rain date of the 26th.”

As soon as we hear the final decision from Griswold, we will report it on LymeLine.com.


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